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Writing method of the Research Report on the use of plastic packaging bags in vegetable farms

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I. Problems
now urban pollution is becoming more and more serious. There are a lot of toxic gases in the air. These invisible gases also happen to be the main factor causing diseases. But these killers that pollute the environment are the plastic bags we use every day. Therefore, our group asked “what harm does plastic bags do?” An investigation was launched
2. Survey methods
1. Browse the Internet and check some data about the use of plastic bags in the vegetable market
2. Find books, newspapers and periodicals to understand
3. Field investigation visit, visit the vegetable market, how many plastic bags do buyers use in a day, and what do most citizens use
in a day
III. investigation and data sorting
information channels //aspects involved //details
browse the Internet //data on the use of plastic bags //about 4.69 million plastic bags are used in Shijiazhuang vegetable market every day, and about 400000 tons are used every year
find books and newspapers //what are the hazards of plastic bags //waste plastic products entering domestic waste are difficult to recycle. If they are landfilled, they will not degrade in 200 years, It will lead to a large area of land being occupied for a long time and aggravate the pressure on land resources. Not only will our generation be surrounded by garbage, it will also deprive future generations of living space; It affects the comprehensive utilization of garbage. Domestic waste mixed with plastics is not suitable for composting. Waste plastics should be sorted out from the waste, which increases the cost of composting. The contaminated waste plastics cannot guarantee the quality, and their utilization value is also very low
field investigation visit //go to the vegetable market to visit how many plastic bags buyers use in a day and what most citizens are using //vegetable shops use about 250 plastic bags a day, and most citizens are using plastic bags
IV. conclusion
1. Most citizens are still admirers of plastic bags for convenience
2. Plastic packaging bags do great harm to the environment and will not degrade for a long time.

let students participate in the search of knowledge about plastic bags and the investigation of the number of plastic bags used in this area, reveal the great harm of non degradable plastic bags to the living environment, let students know the importance of environmental protection, and cultivate students’ scientific spirit and team spirit

activity process:

first, check and understand the harm of non degradable plastic bags
let students search the Internet about the environmental hazards of non degradable plastic bags
[related knowledge: more than 100 years ago, Austrian Max schuschner invented plastic bag. It is a chemical product extracted from oil or coal. Once produced, it is difficult to degrade. Its degradation process takes more than 200 years. It is known as the “worst invention” of mankind in the 20th century 。

Second, visit to learn about the use of plastic bags in this region

let students go out of school and go to society in groups, and conduct interview survey and statistics
first go to some stores, supermarkets, markets and other places in the region to investigate the number of non degradable plastic bags used in the region, understand the number of plastic bags consumed in a day, and make records (almost all places use non degradable plastic bags, and the number is large)
then interview the residents in this area to understand their habits of using plastic bags (because it is convenient, most residents like to use them, and the scope of use is very wide)
then visit the sanitation station to investigate the disposal of plastic bag garbage in this area. (the treatment method in this area is usually landfill and combustion)
[related knowledge: a large number of plastic wastes are buried underground, which will damage the soil permeability? Harden the soil and affect plant growth; Livestock will die from digestive tract obstruction if they eat the plastic mixed with feed or left in the field by mistake; The harmful smoke and dust and toxic gases produced by incineration will also pollute the atmospheric environment.]

Third, calculate the number of plastic bags consumed in this area every year

cumulatively calculate the number of non degradable plastic bags recorded in the above shops, supermarkets, markets and other business places, and calculate the number of plastic bags consumed in the region 365 days a year, so as to feel the huge number of plastic bags used again. (the number is 2 million, and the actual number used in real life may be much larger)
[related knowledge: the annual output of plastics in China is 3 million tons, and the consumption is more than 6 million tons. The annual output of plastics in the world is 100 million tons. If calculated by 15% of the annual plastic waste, the annual plastic waste in the world is 15 million tons, and the annual plastic waste in China is 1 million tons. The proportion of waste plastics in garbage accounts for 40%. People call the disaster brought by plastics to the environment “white pollution”.]

IV. write and make suggestions to the business places and residents in this area

let the students write their feelings and love for their hometown with the pen in their hands, express it in the form of proposal, and let them go to business places and distribute it to residents. Teachers should also teach students to start from me, bit by bit
1. Business premises are the main source of non degradable plastic bags. In their proposal, they mainly hope that customers can use degradable plastic bags as much as possible and use less or no non degradable plastic bags. They can also learn from the ten ways of some big cities to charge customers for using plastic bags
2. In the proposal to local residents, it is hoped that local residents can use more appliances such as plastic baskets and cloth bags instead of or less plastic bags
[related knowledge: since July 1987, nearly half of the states in the United States have implemented a “ban on the use” of plastic bags, banning the listing of all plastic food packaging bags that cannot be decomposed and reduced. Italy has implemented a “plastic bag tax law” , according to the law, each plastic bag produced is subject to a tax of 8 US cents, and each plastic bag worth 50 lira sold is subject to a tax of 100 lira. Since March 2003, the Irish government has also introduced a plastic bag tax of 9p per plastic bag.]

activity summary:

in this activity, our students learned about the use and treatment of plastic bags in this region through Internet access and survey visits, calculated the annual consumption of plastic bags in this region, felt the great harm of non degradable plastic bags to the environment, and issued an initiative to the whole society not to use and use less non degradable plastic bags. Through this activity, students’ scientific spirit and social communication ability have been improved to a certain extent.

first write the title clearly, then the name of the investigated vegetable market, the variety and sales volume of vegetables, the number of customers, whether to pack with plastic bags, investigate more market analysis time, find out the law, calculate the number of plastic bags used, point out the advantages and disadvantages, formulate ways and methods to solve the problem, and finally sign off

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