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Will melamine porcelain tableware be poisonous after heating

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Melamine porcelain tableware is very beautiful and has good texture. I like it very much! But someone told me that melamine porcelain will be toxic after heating and produce melamine. Is this true?

qualified imitation porcelain tableware can be placed in the refrigerator or boiled in boiling water, with high safety. However, there is also a kind of “fake” melamine tableware mixed in the melamine tableware market. They use non food urea formaldehyde resin as raw materials and are often sold together with tableware in the name of “storage tray”, “square tray” and “tray”. Unwitting consumers mistakenly buy them as tableware and use them to hold food, and unknowingly eat the toxic substances migrated therein


when using imitation porcelain tableware, try not to put acidic, oily and alkaline food for a long time

in particular, do not put food with more oil on the imitation porcelain tableware just bought. Cook it with vinegar in boiling water for two or three minutes, or soak it in vinegar for two hours at room temperature to release harmful substances as much as possible. Remember to pour out the water for cooking tableware. When cleaning imitation porcelain tableware, you should use a soft rag, while cleaning cloth and detergent are easy to scratch the surface of tableware, which is more vulnerable to pollution. It’s best not to use it

please use a soft cloth to clean normally. Do not use grinding powder and brush to avoid scars & nbsp

Rinse the residue thoroughly immediately after bleaching. It is recommended to soak once a week with Yuze brand oxygen system highly concentrated stain removal soaking powder produced by Lin’an Sanlian daily chemical factory for 30 minutes each time & nbsp

it can effectively remove yellowish and black stubborn stains such as oil stains, pigments and coffee stains on Tableware & nbsp; Do not use bleach containing chlorine to avoid material deterioration or discoloration& nbsp;

immersion at high temperature for a long time will damage the surface (patterns, etc.). If immersion is required, please soak it in warm water at 70 ~ 90 ℃ for about 30-60 minutes, and it needs to soak it for 3-5 hours for tableware renovation

on the tableware shelves of supermarkets, you can often see such cups, plates and bowls:

at first glance, they look like porcelain tableware, but the actual material is plastic. This kind of tableware is collectively referred to as melamine tableware or imitation porcelain tableware. “Melamine” is the industry name of melamine formaldehyde resin. This material is allowed to make tableware, and there are corresponding national standards

melamine plastic tableware, also known as porcelain like tableware, is widely used in fast food industry and children’s catering industry because of its lightness, beauty, low temperature resistance (can be directly put into the refrigerator), boiling resistance (can be steamed and boiled in boiling water), pollution resistance and not easy to break
some manufacturers do not use melamine as molding powder because of its high profit; Some use urea formaldehyde molding powder as raw material, and then apply a layer of melamine powder on the outer surface of tableware. Tableware made of urea formaldehyde is harmful to human body. When purchasing, consumers should first go to regular stores and supermarkets to buy. Don’t be greedy for cheap and buy at the stall; Secondly, the purchase depends on whether the appliance has obvious deformation, color difference, smooth surface, uneven bottom, clear Decal pattern, wrinkle and bubbles, and whether the colored tableware is faded by rubbing it back and forth with a white napkin. 2、 How to use melamine tableware correctly

due to the particularity of melamine plastic molecular structure, melamine tableware is not suitable for use in microwave oven. If it is used, it will crack. For the cleaning of melamine plastic tableware, use a soft rag. Never use rags such as cleaning cloth and decontamination powder to clean the surface of tableware, because cleaning cloth and decontamination powder will scratch the surface of tableware and make it easier to be polluted

so generally do not heat!

melamine tableware is also called imitation porcelain tableware. It is divided into A5 and A3 materials. A5 materials can withstand 120 degrees, and A3 materials can withstand 80 degrees at most. There is no problem in rational use.

it’s poisonous. It’s best not to heat it. It will produce melamine, which is harmful to human body

of course not, if so. I already found out

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