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Why must beer be served in glass bottles or aluminum cans?

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1 because beer contains organic components such as alcohol, and the plastic in the plastic bottle belongs to organic substances, which are harmful to the human body. According to the principle of informative compatibility, these organic substances will be dissolved in beer. When people drink such beer, they will ingest these toxic organic substances into the body at the same time, which will cause harm to the human body, so beer does not need to be packed in plastic bottles

2 glass bottles have the advantages of good gas barrier, long storage life, good transparency and easy recovery, but there are some problems in production, such as high energy consumption, bulkiness and easy explosion. Recently, the development and research of high barrier PET bottles with beer packaging as the main goal has become a hot spot in the industry. After a long and large amount of research work, substantive progress has been made

beer is extremely sensitive to light and oxygen, and the shelf life usually reaches 120 days. It is required that the oxygen permeability of beer bottle should not be greater than 1 in 120 days × 10-6g, the loss of CO2 shall not exceed 5%. The requirement is 2 ~ 5 times that of pure PET bottle; In addition, some breweries adopt pasteurization method for beer, which requires the peak temperature resistance to reach 298 ℃, while the strength, heat resistance and gas barrier of pure PE t bottles can not meet the requirements of beer bottles. Therefore, people are competing to research and develop various new materials and technologies for resistance and enhancement

at present, the technology of replacing glass bottles and metal cans of beer with polyester bottles has matured, and the commercialization process has begun. According to the prediction of modern plastics magazine, 1% ~ 5% of beer in the world will be packaged in PET bottles in the next 3 ~ 10 years.

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