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Why is Xiaoming’s drink popular?

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“Xiaoming classmate” sold very well. In 2015, the unified sales and net profit margin increased significantly. The annual net profit in 2015 was 830 million, with a year-on-year increase of 192.26% (although it had fallen sharply in 2014). Among them, the new products “Xiaoming classmate” and “HaiZhiYan” contributed a lot. In the annual report, these two new drinks contributed 2.5 billion yuan of revenue, accounting for nearly 20% of the total sales, which is a very beautiful figure. I think this is the victory of the unified new production strategy: on the premise of maintaining the existing products, launch differentiated products and focus the whole product strategy on high-value and high brand. In short, it’s mainly making drinks of 4 or 5 yuan. This is a bet made by uni president for value improvement. These high-priced drinks are called “2.0 products” in uni president to the effect that “consumption is upgrading”. Under the high-value strategy, unify multiple brand groups in the internal new building, break the thinking of “fear of making mistakes” of large companies and have the courage to make mistakes through multiple rounds of investigation. In 2015, uni president beverage launched no less than 10 new products, and these brand groups contributed a lot. Back to the high price brand, the high price strategy is simple, but any executor knows that it is difficult to sell a bottle of beverage at a high price as long as the cost is controlled. Set a high price and sell well? The positioning is crowned with noble origin, limited water source and health signs. Then invest a lot of resources in various media. Finally, all channels are paved. Finally Waiting for success. The only problem is what to do if customers don’t buy it. Kunlun Mountain mineral water, Evergrande Changbai Mountain mineral water and COFCO Yuehuo are all in a hurry. High prices never come out of thin air. What does Xiaoming do? First of all, it has good taste, high acceptance, light tea flavor and fresher fruit flavor. Secondly, as an enterprise that has always paid attention to product packaging design, unified has made a new way of playing bottle packaging. Close the lid. First, briefly explain the beverage bottle. Due to the limitation of the automatic beverage filling line, the blow molding bottle mouth is divided into 28 caps and 38 caps. The 28 cover is 28mm in diameter, which is the size of the common coke cover, and the 38 cover is the pulsation size. In the past, the playing method of the cover was only limited to printing external standards, another bottle, QR code and so on. Unity played a cover. Put another cover on the 38 hole cover. Let Xiaoming’s overall feeling rise to Q, the feeling of a big head doll

Xiaoming takes “serious and funny, low-key and cold bubble” as the brand slogan, which is mainly aimed at the post-95 generation, as can be seen from his English name double. Compare the rotten red square dance aunt wind before the unified iced black tea at the top of the figure below, and the blue and blue teasing and cute wind of Xiaoming at the bottom. In addition to advertising and color, let’s compare the packaging of the two (Xiaoming’s packaging won the global packaging Gold Award in 2015), you will be very clear that Xiaoming’s positioning is quite different. Compared with the previous single taste of iced black tea, Xiaoming students introduced four colors of lively packaging, corresponding to different tastes, which also meets the personalized needs of young people. According to Jingdong data, the most popular one is lime black tea, accounting for 58%

it is uniformly defined that “Xiaoming classmate” is a product for the post-95 generation and a product for the young age group. But what is post-95. What is the difference between this group of people aged 16 and 21. The set of “younger”, “more active” and “more open-minded” after the conventional definition 95 should emphasize “personalization”, “participation” and “pursuit of freshness”. But these things can be set in the Post-70s, post-80s and post-90s. Because 18-year-old young people are the same, “curious about the world”, “think they are more or less special”, “like to accept new things”, “have a lot of time” and “endless energy”. What’s different. I think the young people have not changed, but the external environment has changed

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