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Why does “Xiaoming classmate” have two layers of covers?

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“Xiaoming classmate” has two layers of covers because it increases the friction of bottle opening

there is another reason. I think it is to increase gimmicks. When other drinks have only one layer of cover, the two-layer cover of “Xiaoming classmate” has become a very good gimmick and an alternative way of publicity

Xiaoming classmate is a tea beverage called Xiaoming classmate cold tea, which was launched by uni President Group in March 2015. Its brand spirit is “making people relaxed and happy, followed by funny and happy”. Xiaoming’s cold tea brewing technology is different from the traditional tea making technology, which makes the tea fresh, sweet and not bitter

Xiaoming, as a representative character, is a name with associations and memories. He is not only on the homework book, but also among the school students. When he grows up, different people mention it, which is a resonant name

carrying the public’s memory, inspired by the rise of the concept of cold tea making in street stores, Xiaoming was born in 2015. Adhering to the funny brand spirit and attitude, Xiaoming aroused the resonance of the audience, and then produced a sense of brand belonging. With the sweet but not bitter cold brewing technology and excellent taste, the students can accept tea drinks and fall in love with tea

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Xiaoming

first of all, I think most people’s reaction to adding an additional bottle cap is to increase the friction of bottle opening (as for the strange idea of collecting bottle caps, I don’t agree, which will produce collection effect. Generally, products have the characteristics of scarcity and diversity, such as small raccoon Water Margin card, and Xiaoming students of several colors won’t rise to this height). However, I would like to ask the product manager: is there any data analysis on tea drinks with high preference for young people? When does this kind of beverage sell the most in a year? The answer is undoubtedly summer! OK, what is the general form of offline channel contacts of summer tea drinks? Refrigerate in the freezer! Cold drinks are a perfect match in summer! OK, then enter the scene analysis. When a bottle of cold drink is taken out of the freezer, will god horse appear? Small drops of water will appear on the bottle body and lid due to the temperature difference! OK, so when there are small drops of water on the bottle, have you ever tried to open it with a sharp lid like a beer bottle cap! It hurts! You may ask, you can take off the first cover and open it with the bottom cover. OK, then, how many people don’t know that Xiaoming has two easy problems after you have done research data and promoted it in recent years! At least many people around me don’t understand! Moreover, the problem that ordinary internal thread bottle caps can solve is to have two tall bottle caps. In this scenario, it is necessary to open the first cap one more time and then unscrew the second cap. How did the product manager YY come up with this design? Don’t think users too smart. In small matters, they only rely on their first feeling. As stupid as simple is a good design

it was this design that made me doubt that Xiaoming’s product designer was my primary school classmate. Primary school, about 03-06. At that time, they were really poor. They were local tyrants for 50 cents. If the students didn’t have fun themselves, how could they spend such a boring time as a student. The best witness is the one who kicks the bottle cap. A large group of primary school students, 11 or 12 people, are divided into two teams, holding a “ball” composed of two bottle caps. This “ball” is usually buckled together with Yibao bottle cap and pulsating bottle cap, so that the weight is enough and can play all day. Using the force of the wall, it bounces back, which is really handsome. There are also special gatekeepers. The gatekeeper’s white clothes can certainly be kicked into black clothes. After seeing Xiaoming’s design, I really thought it was my primary school classmates who were benefiting the society

let me explain: there are two types of plastic beverage bottle mouths on the market: 28 (small bottle caps, which are the inner layer, the mouth of Master Kang and most drinks), and 38 (large bottle mouths, nongnongshan spring and the mouth of many dairy drinks). From the perspective of design practicability, it must be 28 small mouths, which are convenient for opening the lid and drinking, and are not easy to leak out. In terms of the aesthetics of the design, the 38 holes look taller and better integrated with the whole bottle (because the bottle body is relatively wide). So why does Xiaoming have two layers of covers? Because his production line is 28 mouth, but in order to make the design effect of large bottle mouth, he makes a fancy bottle cap (to attract consumers?). It can be said that the extra bottle cap directly led to the high price and inconvenient opening

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