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Why are some imported products packaged in Chinese and some in the words of the country of origin

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Why are the same milk powder imported from New Zealand (different brands) packaged in English and Chinese?

or export to domestic sales

export to domestic sales refers to the return to local sales through various channels for various reasons when it has been exported to foreign countries

in a broad sense, the transfer of export to domestic sales is a change in business practices, which refers to the fact that under the background of economic crisis, the original foreign trade export-oriented enterprises are compressed by the consumption in the international market and the pressure on product sales is increased. In order to survive, enterprises change their sales channels from foreign market to domestic market, and obtain new channels for commodity sales through the transfer of domestic sales, so as to achieve the survival and development of enterprises, This has become a way for enterprises to find a way out in the crisis

domestic enterprises turn to domestic sales, which can not only digest the inventory, but also realize the return of funds as soon as possible through promotion and other means, so as to increase the profitability and capital turnover rate of enterprises, which is conducive to the long-term development of enterprises. Through such a turning opportunity, we can also expand the domestic sales channels of products, increase the popularity of enterprises and brands, and increase market opportunities

extended data:

to solve the adverse effects caused by China’s export to domestic sales, there are the following ways:

first, vigorously develop China’s modern logistics industry and attract more international logistics enterprises to set up regional logistics distribution centers and distribution centers in China. In particular, it is necessary to speed up the construction of new logistics carriers such as China’s bonded port, bonded logistics park and bonded logistics center, so as to provide a more reasonable and relaxed environment for logistics enterprises to enter China and develop modern logistics industry

Second, vigorously improve the environment of China’s service industry and attract more multinational enterprises to set up regional sales headquarters in China

for example, we can further consider giving trade functions to logistics carriers such as bonded logistics parks and bonded logistics centers, so as to establish more carriers that can reflect the nature of import and export trade, allow the establishment of pure trading companies in the area and center, attract enterprises to complete international trade settlement in the area and center, and gradually promote the establishment of some regional international commodity trading markets with industry characteristics

this can not only solve the problem of export to domestic sales caused by various trade factors, but also keep the value-added part brought by trade and its tax in China

Third, strengthen supervision. The Chinese customs will supervise the final actual export of the carried over goods. Once sold domestically, the customs will levy import tariffs and value-added tax on the imported goods

4. Re set the import tax rebate rate reasonably. Curb the phenomenon of re import of domestic goods in the form of general trade caused by the inversion of import tariff rate. Make the export tax rebate rate more reasonably reflect the guiding role of restraining the export of resource-based primary products and encouraging the export of high value-added and high-tech products, so that although the re import enterprises of domestic goods obtain the tax rebate in advance, they also lose the difference of the tax rebate rate

v. adjust some policies to curb some abnormal situations in the re import of domestic goods. For example, China’s domestic equipment can enjoy the tax reduction and exemption policy for re import after export, which is contrary to the original intention of the tax reduction and exemption policy to attract foreign advanced technology. It should be clearly restricted that domestic equipment cannot enjoy the tax reduction and exemption policy& nbsp;

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – export to domestic sales

many people have a “misunderstanding” when shopping at sea: the packaging of imported goods should be the text of the country of origin and then labeled with Chinese. Therefore, when you see the Chinese packaging, you will feel a little uneasy

in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Some imported products are imported with original packaging, so they are not marked in Chinese. Some products are specially for the Chinese market, so they must be marked in Chinese characters according to Chinese law

for example, in the field of infant milk powder, the state has regulations that it must be packaged in Chinese. According to relevant national laws and regulations, “the Chinese label of imported infant formula milk powder must be directly printed on the minimum sales package before entering the country, and shall not be pasted in China.” “If there is no Chinese label on the product package, or the Chinese label does not comply with China’s laws and regulations and national food safety standards, it is not a formal imported product.”

this means that in China, infant milk powder imported from formal channels (excluding all kinds of human meat purchasing and overseas shopping) will not be packaged in foreign languages

in the field of mechanical manufacturing, this requirement is not so strict, which leads to the same foreign language on many mechanical products we see

therefore, they are also imported products, both in foreign languages and in Chinese packaging

extended data:

distribution of identifying the authenticity of imported products

1. View bar code

bar code generally consists of prefix part, manufacturer code, commodity code and verification code. The prefix code in the commodity bar code is the code used to identify the country or region. The code authority is vested in the international article coding Association. The manufacturer code is vested in the article coding organization of each country or region. China is endowed with the manufacturer code by the national article coding center

for example, the domestic bar code starts with “69”; The bar code of imported food from the United States starts with “00”, imported food from Japan starts with “49”, and imported food from South Korea starts with “88”. If the barcode does not match the origin on the package, the product can generally be regarded as a fake and shoddy product. There is also a special case, that is, the imported goods of raw materials mentioned above are packaged in China, so it is possible that its country of origin is abroad, but the bar code starts with 69

2. It is necessary to view Chinese labels

Chinese labels. Don’t think that all foreign languages are imported goods. At the same time, don’t think that if they are all in Chinese, they are not imported goods, just like the concepts of “original import”, “raw material import” and “imitation foreign brand” mentioned by Xiaobian earlier

3. Check the customs declaration form and customs clearance form

only formally imported goods have customs declaration forms, indicating that after formal customs declaration procedures and entry-exit quarantine, each commodity is filed and registered in the customs. In case of quality problems, it can be traced and recalled at any time. The authenticity of these two documents can also be queried on the official website of the General Administration of Customs of the people’s Republic of China

well, goods imported from abroad need to be labeled according to the requirements of the Quarantine Bureau. When the goods are sold, they should be labeled in Chinese. When some factories produce, they directly use Chinese packaging bags for export convenience, so that th
e goods saved can be pasted in China.

I also don’t understand that all the beer imported by tmall merchants are labeled in Chinese to buy tmall international customs free trade zone All imported health care products are in original English packaging. Fish oil, soybean egg curd, Canada and the United States are in original English packaging

all English ones are imported from abroad and Chinese ones are produced at home. I still believe in direct import from abroad. What my baby drinks is imported from the United States, all in English, and I have checked the authenticity in the specialty store. If you want to buy, go to this store. I recommend you. Taobao store name: American Mommy

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