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Who knows what equipment is needed to produce toothpicks

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automatic wooden toothpick machine
this machine processes the raw material wood into a finished wooden toothpick through a series of steps, such as wood slicing machine, wood wire forming machine, wood wire sizing machine, polishing machine, tooth ruler machine, toothpick double tip single tip grinding machine, multi-purpose grinding machine and so on. It consists of a production line
the technological process of the production line of bamboo toothpick production equipment: sawing the original bamboo section – slitting – fixed width trimming and slicing – layering – bleaching and mothproof – drying – fixed length – polishing – fixed length – sharpening – Packaging – ex factory 1 Raw bamboo sawing machine 2 Raw bamboo Slitter 3 Fixed width double-sided leveling machine 4 Of course, you also need a toothpick packaging machine.

raw materials. Saw table. Polishing machine. Sharpener. packing…. Toothpick

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