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Who knows the packaging design of guangsai? It’s made by AI. Please make it yourself. Thank you [email protected]

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13 years have passed in China. AI Duoduo can be repeated. On April 4, Beijing time, the Detroit Pistons announced that Allen Iverson will miss all the remaining games of this season because of his back injury. In the United States, the Staples Center is on the other side of Angel City, and Kobe Bryant suffered a season of two three-point sweep by the Rockets. Looking back 13 years ago, the two entered the alliance together. It was so energetic, but now the situation is different. We can’t help but sigh for AI. Now, let’s review the United indomitable little man Iverson Yicha activity in NBA history. It:

caused the 76 people selected as the top 96 of the Japanese NBA in 1996 on June 26. The 1996 NBA draft was held at the Continental Airlines stadium in New Jersey. NBA President David Stern slowly stepped onto the stage in front of 15000 fans and millions of global audiences, Announced loudly: “the first draft was for the Philadelphia 76ers in 1996. Iverson chose the second grade guard of Georgetown”. Then, Iverson wore a black and white white tie, stern shook hands on the stage excitedly, dressed in a gray suit and changed into a hat representing the 76ers. Iverson’s dream came true, and the previous hardships were alleviated by the joy of this moment.
“I love Philadelphia, NBA team. I’m happy to play for the 76ers. This is a new organization, and I’m also a rookie. Let’s open up a new era! I’m capable and enthusiastic. I’m the kind of person who takes every game as the last game. No one will let you down. “Iverson, the shortest draft pick in NBA history, was inspired to choose.

without fear, in order to see Iverson’s scenes on November 2, 1996, at the first NBA premiere station
the child bomber on the first NBA field, he was not afraid of 30 points and 6 assists. The super small AI’s desire to attack was below the H-103 point led by the 76ers, but the team lost the game from 103 to 110. Then, the 76ers ushered in three consecutive victories. Iverson, who had just entered the NBA Sen became the man who rushed to the top, which undoubtedly led to the first team of criticism
“I’m not selfish. I just feel more guards pass. I’m not high enough, but why don’t I score?” Iverson gives a typical AI style comeback

on the first side of Jordan, there was no fear. On November 8, 1996, the first victory of his career
soon, Iverson stubbornly used the performance of the market to fight back against his critics again. The first four games against Celtic, 22 free throws, David Wesley Stackhouse was defended in the case, and Iverson took over the game, scoring the last 32 points in the second half. He won the first victory of his career
then, the first two wins and three wins in a row. He thinks that Iverson will fight back in himself and his attack mode in the next 10 years – killing the enemy again and again, taking points, and turning away without his head. “Everyone has to boast before the game. Once the game starts, you can’t do anything. I’ll make mistakes, but I also have a lot of contributions.”

defeated Kobe Bryant, won the rookie MVP, and won the rookie MVP in February 8, 1997. In terms of talent, it was the most classic first All-Star rookie in the history. Iverson played for 26 minutes, scoring 19 points, 9 assists and 4 rebounds for 7 of 11 shots, 3 steals and the highest 3 blocks in the game, resulting in a 96-91 victory over Kobe Bryant from east to west. The two lucky people didn’t know their fate. They were intertwined at this moment
in the game, Kobe Bryant scored the highest 31 points in the game, but he was unable to help the West win. He saw Iverson win the rookie MVP trophy. In the game, you can see that the early AI has infinite energy and strong physical antagonism. And staged an air relay race from time to time

the rookie season hit a record on April 12, 1997, with 50 career points
Iverson scored 44, 40 and 44 points in three consecutive games. 76 guests tonight in Cleveland, Iverson’s firepower — 32 shots, 17 goals, 50 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds. Although the team lost, AI has won 50 minutes of his career for the first time. One night later, Iverson scored 40 points again, scoring 40 points in five consecutive games. As a rookie, he set an NBA record. Well deserved, he had the best month ever. In the first season of 1787, the total score also set an NBA record
score, it has never been difficult for Iverson. After countless times, he broke all kinds of NBA records

meet Larry Brown. Their achievements made them a legend in May 1997. When Iverson met Larry Brown, he won only 20 wins over the Philadelphia 76ers in 1996. This result is very dissatisfied with the team president Pat cross. Shortly after the end of the season, the team’s general manager Brad Greenberg and head coach Johnny Davis will be fired. Iverson himself said: “we need a coach who can clearly tell us what to do. He can lead us into the best one in the fast lane. We will be easy to communicate. Look at my statistics: the highest mistake League (337 times) , you’ll know that I’m a novice and still have a long way to go. It can’t be done by me alone. I need a mentor, like the University, Thompson. “
later, coach Larry Brown took over 76 people to 25 years old, and the 60 year old Jewish coach became Iverson’s” mentor “at 23 years old. After that, they began a difficult running in – on the one hand, it is difficult to determine the dress, living habits and even the way of speaking of each other; On the other hand, stubborn, stubborn, never give up two, it is so similar

shrunk the season, but first got the king and on May 5, 1999, the first NBA scored
11 for 28 and got 33 points, which was just a mediocre night for Iverson in the 1998-99 season. But that day, he officially scored 26.8 points per game, became the NBA, became Chamberlain’s second in the League scoring list, second only to the history of the 76ers, and became the team history 6 first-team of players in the league. Meanwhile, Iverson led the 76ers to 28-22 in the regular season and entered the playoffs for the first time in eight years
although there are still AI and coach Larry Brown, there is no doubt – the 76ers are led by two stubborn guys and getting better and better

the first playoff game, magic’s first playoff career on May 9, 1999
in the first playoff game of AI’s career, they were faced with a combination of magic Hadaway and two defenders Armstrong. They also stood beside the cheap power forward grant and the simple and effective scoring Feng weinick Anderson. In this regard, Iverson once again showed their bravery — 29 shots, 12 goals, 30 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds, leading to the first victory
later, they eliminated magic, but the knight was swept away in the second round, Iverson is not disappointed: “this year, we have been far away. We have learned a lot and brought back the passion of Philadelphia. Now, let’s look forward to a more brilliant next season.” more importantly, after Iverson’s first three NBA seasons, he and others looked from a “dangerous” element “, turned into the most League a star welcome.

missed training for many times, caught in the transfer rumors in July 2000, caught in the transfer rumors in the East
after returning to the second round of the White House on the East Road for the second consecutive season in the playoffs, Iverson was surrounded by deep transfer rumors in 2000 this summer. At that time, missed training for many times and passed too few passes in the field where Allen Iverson and coach Brown were completely angry: “Maybe Iverson should learn to share with others. Obviously, he can’t do the best in the whole 48 minutes “Once again, there are rumors of using 76 for Iverson, Grant Hill or Odom. In the later
month 76, the pistons, the Lakers and the Hornets reached an agreement involving more than four major preliminary teams. Among them, Geiger and Iverson will be traded to the Detroit Pistons, and the 76ers will get Eddie Jones, Glen rice, the Lak
ers and the pistons Williams Hornets. However, because Geiger refused to give up the 76ers to meet the liquidated damages, his 500 Million dollars, the piston has reached the highest salary, and the transaction finally failed. At the end of August, Iverson’s name was finally brought down the transfer list of 76 people

in the outbreak of the season, the all star game director reversed. On February 11, 2001, the all star game MVP
experienced transfer rumors. Iverson did not like to show his anger or vent his anger in court as expected. He calmly told the general manager: “in the past, let him pass. We don’t tangle. I only care about the game. I respect the coach and teammates. I will change and work harder than before.” AI fulfilled his promise, 41-13, led the 76ers All-Star team, and he was re elected to the Eastern Star team
in the general impression, the All-Star game is a stage for players to perform. There are not many real battles here. In the big score of the party, it will be a game to let go very carefully. However, this theory is never give up Iverson, life can not accept, then the most classic reversal in the history of NBA all star game is Jedi. In the last nine minutes of the game, with a gap of 21 points between the East and the west, the hard-working people began to discuss who would become the Western MVP, and Iverson stood up from the bench
there are only two numbers in the game field – Iverson and Kobe, AI again and again, and H-score, the same gap between East and small points. At the last moment of the game, he assisted Marbury in time. Who hit three points, 111-110, and the East reversal was successful! Iverson scored 25 points, of course. Iverson’s words, even if all choose to give up, he will fight to the last minute

finally became the MVP of the regular season on April 15, 2001. The MVP of the regular season was 89 to 82,76, ending the victory of the regular season in 2000-02. Iverson also won the scoring king and steals with an average of 31.1 points and 2.51 steals. Since 1996, Michael Jordan, a player who broke through 30 major hurdles in the first season of the NBA. More importantly, he once again led the team to the top of the Atlantic Division after 10 years, but he also became the regular season MVP. After Chamberlain, Julius Owen and Moses Malone, the history of the 76ers can be divided into four awards
“the summer transfer event prompted me to do one thing, that is to win. I have to face the mirror and look back at many illegal acts. I hope I can face the mirror again at the end of this season. It can be said that I really tried my best.” Iverson said his driving force. Brown is also happy: “Maybe I spent too much time to experience activities and really understand this boy. Sometimes he is not good enough, but I know his heart. When you know him, of course, you will admire him more when you grow up. The NBA, except Jordan, has brought such a great influence. Only he can give honor to the team and the city. “

against Carter, the last minute performance is mature. It may be 202001, seven games against the Toronto Raptors
in the eastern semi-finals, the war between Carter and Iverson soared two years ago – first, Iverson scored 36 points, Carter scored 35 points, and the Raptors won 93-96; in the first two games, Iverson

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