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Who knows how to calculate the cost and packaging materials of a product?

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Is there any formula available? If so, please let me know. I’m very grateful!!!

1. What is the cost accounting method of enterprise products

the cost accounting method of enterprise products refers to a set of specific management methods suitable for the actual situation of the enterprise formulated by the enterprise carrying out product cost accounting in accordance with the relevant provisions of cost management of similar products in order to strengthen cost management. It is the institutional guarantee for enterprises to strengthen product cost management, which is directly related to the level of cost management and economic benefits of the unit

2. The content and format of enterprise product cost accounting

the cost accounting method is similar to the writing of general rules and regulations. It should be listed item by item, and the format is relatively free

generally, the following contents should be specified:

(1) how many levels of accounting system does the company implement<(BR>) what is the cost accounting task

(3) what are the accounting objects of product cost

(4) how to collect and allocate cost items and production expenses

(5) cost calculation method

(6) specific management measures of expense cost, etc

3. Requirements for writing cost accounting methods of enterprise products

although the accounting standards for business enterprises and the general principles of enterprise finance have made some provisions on cost management, the accounting methods of cost management are also different due to different product categories. Therefore, when formulating the cost accounting method of the enterprise, we must comprehensively and objectively analyze the product cost of the enterprise, seek truth from facts, and formulate the accounting method suitable for the enterprise from reality. We can’t make it too rough or too simple, otherwise it is inconvenient to operate, which will bring great trouble to the management

×× The cost accounting method of the company’s products

according to the national ×× Industrial cost accounting procedures of the industry “, combined with the actual production of our company and studied and approved by the workers’ Congress of the company, this method is hereby formulated:

1. Our company implements a three-level accounting system. Adopt the step-by-step carry forward method to implement the three-level accounting of team, workshop and company

2. Cost accounting tasks:

(1) earnestly implement relevant laws and regulations of cost management, and correctly and timely calculate and reflect various costs incurred in the production process

(2) accurately and reasonably calculate the total product cost and unit cost, and master the implementation of the planned cost; Analyze cost data and provide cost reduction measures

(3) establish a regular inventory system, correctly calculate the cost of finished products and products, draw a clear line of expenditure, and provide a basis for sales pricing

3. Accounting object of product cost:

all products (components) sold through a certain production process shall be subject to cost accounting:

4. Cost items and production expenses:

(1) raw materials and main material items

(2) fuel power: fuel (coal) Electricity

(3) wages and employee welfare

(4) workshop expenses

5. Collection and distribution of production expenses

(1) materials: the planned price plus points and spread is made into the cost price, and those that can be directly included are directly included; Those that cannot be directly included shall be allocated and included according to product weight, volume, consumption quota, etc

(2) wages are calculated by operation and allocated by working hours

(3) employee welfare is the same as above

(4) workshop expenses and power costs are allocated according to working hours

6. The calculation method of product cost

can be calculated by step. According to the process of the product, it is divided into: ×× Cost accounting, ×× Accounting, assembly cost accounting and auxiliary production accounting.

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