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Which school is better than Zhongshan Torch Vocational College and Zhongshan vocational and technical college

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Which school is better than Zhongshan Torch Vocational College and Zhongshan vocational and technical college? Which is better in machinery manufacturing and automation? Which school is more favorable for transfer!?

judging from the history of the two schools, torch vocational and technical college will be more mature. Its predecessor is Zhangjiabian polytechnic school
in terms of hardware and development support, Zhongshan vocational college will be better. The new school has more government support and rapid development

Zhongshan Torch vocational and technical college has strong teachers in packaging and printing and mold specialty

it is said that these two schools are not very good. They are just established and have not yet become formal. They are small in scale. The government still attaches great importance to Sun Yat Sen College of University of Electronic Science and technology. It is suggested to go to Sun Yat Sen College of University of Electronic Science and technology

founded in April 2004, Zhongshan Torch vocational and technical college is a public full-time higher vocational college established with the approval of Guangdong Provincial People’s government and filed with the Ministry of education. It is managed by Zhongshan Torch High tech Industrial Development Zone entrusted by Zhongshan Municipal People’s government. Based on the industrial park, the college has unique conditions for running a school. Six national industrial bases, five theme industries and more than 1000 enterprises in the park provide rich practice and training resources for teaching and provide high-quality and diversified jobs for graduates
the current site of the college covers an area of 350 mu, with 600 mu of newly planned land, nearly 120000 square meters of teaching and administrative rooms and 53000 square meters of experimental training rooms. There are 350000 paper books and documents, 550000 e-books (800000 actually available), 850 periodicals and more than 90 newspapers, and there are full-text databases such as VIP, science and technology periodicals and wanfangshuo doctoral thesis. The total value of teaching instruments and equipment is nearly 50 million yuan, and the total value of productive training equipment invested by enterprises is more than 20 million yuan. Modern education and teaching facilities such as multimedia and computer network are complete
the college adheres to the tenet of service, employment orientation and the road of combining production with learning. It has established more than 180 off campus education and teaching training bases, planned to build 120000 square meters of on campus productive training bases, developed more than 37000 square meters in the early stage, and built “Junjian productive training center” and “industrial development productive training campus”. The “torch model” of the construction of the school productive training base of “government matchmaking, school enterprise singing on the same stage, joint investment promotion and capital selection” is beginning to take shape and take shape. The college has the only training base in South China and the training center of national defense transportation combat readiness emergency equipment support base. It has successfully obtained the qualification of vocational skill appraisal point granted by the Ministry of labor and social security, and has been successfully approved as the national CET-4 and CET-6 English and accounting professional knowledge examination center for capital accounting qualification in Guangdong Province. The optical electromechanical technology innovation platform jointly invested by the Ministry of science and technology, the Provincial Department of science and technology and the Management Committee of the development zone has begun to take shape
the college has established the school running concept of “special (characteristic), new (innovation) and excellent (high-quality)”, implemented talent training modes such as “1 + 1 + 1”, combination of work and study, and order training “, and is committed to cultivating new” grey collar “Talents with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and beauty, high cultural literacy, strong innovation and adaptability, and skilled skills. The employment rate of graduates is high, and the employment rate of previous graduates has reached more than 99%
the specialty setting of the college is closely connected with the industrial chain of the industrial park. The curriculum construction is closely related to the job requirements of technical fields and professional posts (groups), and actively cooperates with industrial enterprises to develop courses. It has six teaching departments of packaging and printing, optical electromechanical engineering, information engineering, economic management, electronic engineering and biomedicine, and two teaching departments of Ideological and political theory and physical education. The college currently offers 27 majors, among which packaging technology and design, machinery manufacturing and automation are identified as characteristic majors; Application of electronic technology and fine chemical production technology. A number of courses such as packaging technology and application, Linux server management technology, engineering drawing and mapping, foreign trade document practice, practical organic chemistry, new interface technology, ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis are excellent courses at the college level
the college adheres to the principle of “open, open and open”. The first “Professor Association” of colleges and universities in Zhongshan was established, and a “Professor lecture hall” was opened to invite celebrities and enterprise elites to preach. Jointly run schools with famous universities at home and abroad, and actively explore the international road of higher vocational education.

Zhongshan vocational and technical college is better

Zhongshan Torch vocational college is better

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