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Which products are the winding film mainly used for packaging?

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stretch winding film, also known as “stretch FLLM”, is produced with the proportion formula of imported linear polyethylene LLDPE resin and tackifier special additives. It is a very popular packaging form in the world at present. It has high strength and great elasticity. It can wrap goods with any geometry tightly, and can avoid damage to goods caused by bundling. It has good anti loosening, rain proof, dust-proof, anti-theft and other effects. It is widely used in collective packaging and pallet packaging of goods, containers (cans), chemical industry, ceramics, glass Hardware and mechanical equipment (stainless steel plate), papermaking (paper cutting), textiles, furniture, food industry (soft packaging beverage), electronic product box and other industries. Product features: give full play to the characteristics of each polymer, its transparency, tensile strength and anti perforation strength, and reach the optimal state at the melting point. 2. It has good tensile properties, good transparency and uniform thickness. 3. It has longitudinal extensibility, good resilience, good transverse tear resistance and excellent self-adhesive lapping. 4. It is an environment-friendly recyclable material, tasteless, non-toxic and can be directly packaged food. 5. It can produce single-sided sticky products, reduce the noise during winding and stretching, and reduce dust and sand during transportation and storage. 6. The product specification can be any cutting width between 150mm-1000mm. Main uses of stretch winding film: suitable for pallet transportation packaging, doors and windows, light industrial products, building materials, papermaking and printing, tobacco, bagged boxes and other packaging. Strong tensile resistance: both steel belt like tensile resistance and impact resistant ductility can ensure the transportation safety of your products. Small elongation: the elongation is only one sixth of that of polypropylene (PP) belt, which can maintain the tension for a long time. Strong temperature resistance: the melting point is 260 degrees, and it will not deform when used below 120 degrees. Good flexibility: no sharp edge of steel belt, safe operation, neither hurting hands nor damaging bound objects. Beautiful but not rusty: there is no problem that the steel belt rusts and pollutes the bound objects, and the color is bright

winding film, also known as tensile film and heat shrinkable film, was the first to produce PVC winding film in China with PVC as the substrate and DOA as the plasticizer and self-adhesive. Due to environmental protection problems, high cost (relatively large proportion of PE, small unit packaging area), poor tensile property and other reasons, PE tensile film was phased out when it was produced in China from 1994 to 1995. PE stretch film first takes EVA as self-adhesive material, but it has high cost and taste. Later, PIB and VLDPE are developed as self-adhesive materials. Now LLDPE is the main substrate, including C4, C6, C8 and Metallocene PE (MPE). Application form of winding film: sealed packaging; Full width packaging; Manual packaging; Stretch film winding machine packaging; Horizontal mechanical packaging; Packaging of paper drum; Packaging of small items; Packaging of pipes and cables; Stretching form of pallet mechanism packaging. First, start from the bottom and wind it up one circle at a time. When winding to the top, wrap the whole top, and finally cut the packing belt with scissors

in the drawing process of small wire rod and wire, natural diamond, polycrystalline diamond and CVD coating die are common drawing die materials. When drawing small diameter wire, CVD coated diamond die overcomes the anisotropy of natural diamond die, and has excellent strength and hardness. The drawing yield is the highest and the surface quality meets the requirements. The test shows that the service life of CVD coated diamond wire drawing die is equal to that of natural diamond die, the product qualification rate is high, and the surface quality is better than that of domestic polycrystalline diamond. Therefore, CVD coated diamond wire drawing die is an ideal choice for small diameter wire drawing

although wire drawing dies can be used to process all kinds of steel, copper, tungsten, molybdenum and other metal and alloy materials, wire drawing dies of different materials have their own applicable processing range. When wire drawing dies of different materials process the same wire, their wear patterns and service life are very different. Therefore, reasonable selection of wire drawing die materials is the key to ensure successful application. Drawing dies of different materials have their relatively reasonable processing objects. The rationality of drawing mainly refers to the matching of mechanical, physical and chemical properties of wire drawing die and wire rod in order to obtain the longest service life of the die. For example, when drawing copper wire with the same diameter, the service life of polycrystalline diamond die is 300 ~ 500 times that of cemented carbide die, 80 ~ 100 times that of nickel wire, 50 ~ 80 times that of cemented carbide die when drawing molybdenum wire, and 20 ~ 60 times that of cemented carbide die when drawing carbon steel. Due to the lack of systematic research on the matching theory of drawing die and wire rod in China, it leads to blind selection and waste of resources

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