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Which platform can take orders by itself?

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I do UI design and want to find a platform to receive orders by myself.

hey, are you sure you do UI? Don’t you have your own circle? Many designers have their own circles, and there are also many platforms for you to read. For example, the common e-enterprise show can register their own account and sell their works in it. There are also the common pig Bajie network, which can open its own store to receive orders. Party A who publishes needs and Party B who receives orders. The platform is still large. Some are settled on the same day and some are settled on a monthly basis, but they need to identify the information in it, Because the convenience brought by the Internet age will also bring some deceptive information.

which platform is the welder receiving orders? Which platform is the steel structure receiving orders on?

I’ve brushed the bill for half a year. It should be reliable. Push you through wechat. C Wu Yiwu has been scattered for a long time, and the other eight can’t write directly. Forgive me

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