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Which kind of plastic bag has a good prospect? Vest bag or packaging bag

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according to the analysis report on the market prospect and investment planning of China’s independent plastic bag industry from 2016 to 2021 issued by the prospective industry research institute, independent bag packaging is mainly used in fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, absorbable jelly, condiments and other products. In addition to the food industry, the application of some washing products, daily cosmetics, medical products and other products is also gradually increasing. Self supporting bag packaging adds color to the rich and colorful packaging world. With clear and distinctive patterns, it stands upright on the shelf, reflects the excellent brand image, is easier to attract the attention of consumers, and adapts to the modern sales trend of supermarket sales. Once customers have used it, they can know the beauty, which is deeply favored by the majority of consumers. With the advantages of self-supporting bag packaging being understood by more consumers and the continuous strengthening of social environmental protection awareness, using self-supporting bag packaging to replace bottle and barrel packaging and replace the traditional soft packaging that can no longer be sealed will become a trend
a perfect standard system helps to improve the quality level and grade of products and standardize the market order. However, at present, there is no perfect national or industrial standard for self-supporting bag filling and capping packaging machine. According to the arrangement of the standard preparation and revision plan, the National Packaging Machinery Standardization Technical Committee is responsible for organizing and formulating the industry standard of self-supporting bag filling and capping packaging machine. The standard has been published in the industry survey of China packaging standard website. Relevant enterprises can log in to the website to put forward suggestions and opinions for the formulation of the standard, so as to promote the formulation of industry standards that meet the requirements of industry development and lead the healthy development of the industry. We look forward to the introduction of the standard of self-supporting bag filling and capping packaging machine, accelerate the serialization, standardization and generalization of this kind of equipment, and make it develop rapidly on a stable and solid basis
with the rapid development of China’s industrial economy, the demand for all kinds of packaging bags is also increasing, and the development potential of packaging bags in China is huge.

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