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Which is the best automatic packer?

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if you want to buy a packer, you’d better go to some professional platforms. There are many packer manufacturers in changchangle, and all the manufacturers will quote. Now the ranking of packers on the website is fake. If you want to buy a packer, you’d better go to a professional platform for consultation.

there are many brands of full-automatic packers. Qingdao Aixun full-automatic packer is very good, with simple mechanical structure and perfect after-sales service

whether the automatic pallet packer is good or not should be determined from the following four aspects:

first of all: the quality should be guaranteed. Only good quality can ensure our safe use

secondly, the after-sales service should be in place. Only perfect after-sales service can ensure that the problems encountered in use can be solved in time

again: the operation should be convenient. The equipment itself is to improve the packaging efficiency. If the operation is inconvenient, it will greatly affect the improvement of packaging efficiency

finally: high cost performance and practical benefits are the last word

the above is provided by Jinan Kete machinery. If you are interested in purchasing or understanding the details of the equipment, you can call us (400-009-6617)

Suzhou Maike heat shrinkable machine series, sealing and cutting packaging machine series, winding machine series, packer series, sealing machine series, sealing machine series, assembly line series and packaging material series. Detailed V:
technical support: there are special R & D institutions to support the development and quality improvement of new products
the company’s tenet: quality first, sincere service and reputation first!

there are many manufacturers of full-automatic packers, and each has its own advantages. The precision high-speed packer manufactured by Smecta intelligent technology mainly has the following characteristics
the first is intelligence. The belt threading of the precision high-speed packer is fully automatic and in place at one time, which is controlled by the PLC temperature control module. When the temperature cannot reach the effective welding, the system will prevent the equipment from starting to avoid personal injury caused by belt breakage
the second is precision. The movement of the equipment is precisely designed to ensure 100% overlap at the interface. The embracing tensioning device is adopted, which has large binding force and firm interface
the third is energy saving. The minimum equipment can use 5mm wide packing belt, which is suitable for 4km /roll of new packing belt, which can save more consumables
the fourth is high efficiency. The single channel speed of the equipment is ≤ 2.5 seconds /channel, up to 60 channels /min, and the baling speed is fast
if you still don’t understand, please consult Zhejiang Smecta Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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