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Which is better, Manroland or Heidelberg printing press?

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Is there a difference between thin paper and thick paper? Which of the machine structure and supporting hardware is better?

there is no absolute advantage or disadvantage. It mainly depends on the printing products and the services of suppliers, as well as the speed of technological renewal
the market share of Heidelberg has been the first in China for 11 consecutive years, which can explain the problem
Heidelberg is a general-purpose machine, which is quite persuasive from books and periodicals to packaging
Roland’s advantage lies in full opening and commercial rotation, and there is basically no sound in the opposite opening and four opening
when it comes to structure: Heidelberg CD102 has no problem with the triangle gun that has been used for more than 20 years, and the word gun advocated by Roland is also a pile of problems. But Roland’s waterway design is a headache and unstable. There is also the operating system, which is developed based on DOS
now Roland has removed the shaft for correcting the registration error, changed the central control water tank to manual type, and changed the air pump to simple type. Therefore, the current price is lower than that of Heidelberg. Will you buy this kind of machine at the expense of the quality of the whole machine in exchange for the market?

Heidelberg’s advantage is actually in thin paper, and Roland may be better in thick paper. The market share of Heidelberg can only show that the people in Heidelberg are powerful (of course, the machines are not bad). I only know about the structure of the machine. It’s inconvenient to say more about Heidelberg. Hardware and supporting facilities must be the strongest in Heidelberg. Sales and technology are everywhere, and the professional technology of sales personnel is also very strong. I suggest you go to more printing plants that print thick paper. The answer there is the most useful.

Heidelberg is recommended for printing high-definition prints
is recommended for printing high-definition prints, but the price in Heidelberg is on the high side

as a social single printing, the first is German machine. Luo machine has a lower share in China than German machine. Of course, Luo machine also has its competitive advantage
LZ upstairs is talking about the development based on DOS system. What does it mean? A lot of electrical equipment, ships, medical treatment, communication and other advanced equipment. Aren’t they developed based on DOS?

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