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Where is the pressure inlet valve of screw air compressor?

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 stop the air compressor, remove the low-pressure cylinder cover plate on the upper part of the cylinder head, take out the exhaust valve assembly, pour the diesel into the valve slot of the exhaust valve, and find that the diesel flows out between the matching sealing surface of the valve plate and the valve body, indicating that the exhaust valve has lost its seal. Remove the fixing nut of the valve plate, take out the valve plate, check it one by one, and find out the worn or seriously worn parts


 during the operation of the air compressor, the long-term repeated impact of the valve plate makes its mating sealing surface wear, resulting in part of the compressed air of the low-pressure cylinder channeling back into the cylinder, reducing the effective exhaust of the air compressor


 due to the loose sealing of the exhaust valve of the low-pressure cylinder, when the piston of the low-pressure cylinder inhales downward, the compressed air in the radiator will be sucked back to the low-pressure 

 scrape off the dirt on the mating surface of the valve body with a triangular scraper, replace the low-pressure exhaust valve plate, and check whether it is sealed with diesel. If it is still not sealed, the valve body needs to be replaced. Pay attention to the direction when replacing the valve disc

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at the inlet of the machine head, the air filter is connected. Kunshan screw machine Han Gong answers for you.

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