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Where is the noodle machine easy to use

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I. brief introduction:
sweet potato is a kind of crop widely planted in China. It has high yield and strong adaptability. It is planted in different areas all over China. Sweet potato is rich in protein, starch, pectin, cellulose, amino acids, vitamins and various minerals, and has high nutritional and health care value. In recent years, the development of sweet potato deep-processing projects has attracted more and more attention from all walks of life. Sweet potato deep-processing has become a model for the development of green health food. Sweet potato deep-processing has the advantages of low investment, low risk and high profit, and can be extended to the business opportunities of the industrial chain
for the deep processing technology of sweet potato, we take three powder processing as an example:
1. Starch part:
stone removal – Cleaning – feeding – crushing – Separation – sand removal – fine screening – concentration – dehydration – drying – screening
2 Mechanical production of vermicelli:
stone removal – Cleaning – feeding – crushing – Separation – desanding – fine screening – precipitation powder taking – mixing – blanking – molding – aging – freezing – loose powder drying (wet starch can directly deep process vermicelli, and dry starch is also easy to destroy starch viscosity)
3 Anti hand made vermicelli part:
stone removal – Cleaning – feeding – crushing – Separation – desanding – fine screening – concentration – dehydration – drying – Screening – thickening – noodles – Secondary kneading – hammering powder into the pot – ripening – cooling – powder hanging rod – freezing – loose powder drying (it is best to dry starch for processing, especially for high starch sweet potatoes, it is difficult to lay good strips after drying, mainly due to poor viscosity after drying)
remarks: 1 The above equipment is equipped according to the equipment of Ruyang machinery factory and the production process steps:
2. Three powders broadly refer to starch, vermicelli and vermicelli:
nowadays, the domestic market of sweet potato starch and vermicelli vermicelli is not empty, but the market is full of various powder products, but consumers can rarely buy pure sweet potato vermicelli and vermicelli in the market, Even the younger generation doesn’t know whether sweet potato powder is in their mouth. Most of the noodles and vermicelli flowing in the domestic market are mixed and processed with sweet potato, cassava, corn, wheat and other raw materials. The better processed ones are only poor taste, but even inferior noodles, which are weak, sticky and easy to paste soup. In the final analysis, the noodle market is driven by interests
in China, people around us often say that there is a village or town in our hometown that makes noodles and is very famous. Of course, we believe in the noodles here at the beginning, because time and memory make us habitually think that the noodles in this village are good, but driven by interests, one family commits fraud and each family follows, When consumers taste more and more inappropriate, this so-called famous village of vermicelli will encounter the bottleneck of production and sales. There may be two possibilities: 1. Most of the workshops that have closed down and survived may sell in the market. The wholesalers ask for vermicelli at what price, and I provide vermicelli at what price, with small profits and quick turnover, Develop slowly. Those businesses that fail to do business may reopen after seeing the business opportunities and learn from the successful model. With the further development, this place may become a base for making powder products, but the powder produced in this base will be sold to other cities. People nearby will know that the powder can’t be eaten here is fake. 2. Some producers may move away from the village and continue to produce in another place, but whether to produce pure finished products depends on the sales direction of the producers. There are many such villages or towns in China, which were originally known by taste and finished product quality, and then known by counterfeiting
II. Consumer psychology:
the production of traditional powder products such as noodles, vermicelli and powder skin has various specifications and styles of thickness, width and width. There are traditional habits of eating powder products in all parts of China. However, due to different living habits and cooking methods, the thickness, width and specifications of powder products in all parts of China are also different, including the appearance and color of noodles. In the south of the Yangtze River, people generally eat soup, hot pot and stew. Noodles are mainly made of noodles with diameters of 1.3, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5mm. Wide noodles are mainly made of flour products with thickness and width of 08 * 04, 08 * 06, 08 * 10 and 08 * 12mm. They prefer flour products with color bias. Flour products made of sweet potato, banana taro and pea are generally accepted by the public. People in the areas north of the Yangtze River generally eat fried, stewed, hot pot, cold mix, noodles and other materials. Noodles and vermicelli are mostly finished products with diameters of 055, 06, 07, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8mm. Wide flour is mainly flour products with thickness and width of 05 * 4, 05 * 6, 05 * 8 and 05 * 10mm. Flour products made of sweet potato, potato and wheat are generally accepted by the public. People in Northeast and Northwest China generally prefer coarse, thick and light powder products, but powder products made of sweet potato and potato are generally accepted in Northeast China, while powder products made of potato, sweet potato, corn and coarse grains are easy to accept in Northwest China
the above four divisions are too general, but they simplify the powder products that are often eaten in local life. China is a large country with a population of more than 1 billion. History divides us into different cities. In different environments, we all have different local cultures and different eating habits, However, when we choose powder products, sweet potato powder is easy to be accepted by the public. In the above four areas, sweet potato powder is the most popular among consumers in the comprehensive evaluation of different areas
the soft, powerful and sweet potato flavored taste of sweet potato noodles makes people of the older generation have endless memories. Have we ever heard those old people say what kind of taste “lay down the bottom powder lump” was when the production team used to powder. Of course, nowadays, there are a large number of production and sales of noodles all over the country, and there are wholesalers from all over the country. There are various colors of noodles and various thick, thin and narrow powder products in the market, but where can we buy pure sweet potato noodles in rural markets and urban vegetable markets? In a word, “it’s difficult”, Adulteration is probably the word we hear the most over the years
powdered food is a kind of traditional food and an indispensable part of our dishes. For traditional food, most people are consumers. We care more about quality and taste than price, but the demand for powdered products is not our personal consumption, but a canteen or a restaurant, Some of the powder products demanded by these places also restrict the quality of the powder purchased by the market. The Chinese market is like this. There is demand and production. I do not exclude the powder enterprises made of mixed starch. This is also a kind of operation and a way of survival. The so-called way of survival makes the fake more fake and the truth less
most of the so-called “sweet potato noodles” sold in the market are priced at 2.5-3.5 yuan /kg and 3.5-6 yuan /kg. Consumers generally buy 6 yuan /kg of noodles, but it is not necessarily pure sweet potato flour that they buy back at this price. Ordinary consumers do not have the ability to identify the true and false of flour products, mainly depending on the color and appearance, But these can b
e changed according to the time of production
most areas with concentrated production of noodles in China do not have sweet potato, ranging from more than ten households in a village to hundreds in a township. There are at least three or four hundred places in China. Except for the hottest days in the four seasons of the year, they are working overtime at other times, mostly mixed with cassava and corn, mostly low-grade corn starch, and noodles are mixed with pigment, alum Chemical additives, etc., but the noodles produced from these places circulate all over the country. The locals in each production place do not eat these noodles, but they may also be produced outside the market. Many people in the city will drag their friends or go to the countryside to buy the noodles produced by farmers. In rural areas, they generally choose to provide sweet potato raw materials and supervise the production of equipment owners, In such a domestic market, many people are interested in the project of sweet potato deep processing
nowadays, there are all kinds of large, medium and small-scale manufacturers using sweet potato as raw materials, from cleaning to powder molding. Small and medium-sized production meets local needs. Large enterprises should establish a brand image and develop with a straight-line mentality. However, whether large-scale enterprises or small-scale enterprises, they should produce the powder products loved by the local public in a pure and additive free way. Every link from the acquisition of sweet potato to the processing of starch and vermicelli can be seen by the nearby people on the spot and make them believe that these are pure sweet potato powder. Only with the approval of the local people can there be a good sales market
III. selection of equipment:
1. Production overview
deep processing of sweet potato this article introduces the processing of starch, vermicelli, vermicelli and powder skin of sweet potato, mainly because our Ruyang machinery factory has been engaged in the research and manufacture of potato starch deep processing equipment since the production of such equipment in 1982, The experience summarized and the application of the equipment are accumulated through a long time of experience
2. Precautions
the selection of sweet potato starch deep-processing equipment should be based on the local actual situation, the area of sweet potato planting or the area that may be developed, personal financial capacity, and sufficient power and water sources. It should be noted that sweet potatoes are processed seasonally, usually excavated before and after frost. The processing season lasts for 30-45 days, and small-scale processing is generally about 15-20 days. The reason is that the fresh potatoes used for beating can not be stored for a long time, and the saccharification and extraction rate of sweet potato starch stored for a long time is reduced. Secondly, the skin of sweet potato is softened and not easy to be crushed. Starch processing and noodle processing are divided into two parts. Sweet potato processing is seasonal, and noodle processing should be continued after starch processing. The expected and envisaged starch storage shall be completed during the processing period for the processing of vermicelli
if the capital and the planting area of local sweet potato allow, the primary processor can be equipped with a set of corresponding large-scale equipment. The whole set is equipped with a large amount of starch. Part of the starch is dry, part is wet stored, the dry one is used for storage and sales, and the wet one is used for self-processing vermicelli. The vermicelli part should choose the equipment size or reduce the production cycle according to its own sales. Suggestions for users who have no market: in the first year, the processing should focus on selling starch. The starch sales market is large, but the profit of selling starch is lower than that of vermicelli, but the sales of vermicelli in the first year will not be very considerable. The main purchases may be nearby farmers or simple packaging gift boxes, and do a good job in publicity, Vermicelli sales and customers are accumulated by time. Integrity-based, quality for survival, people value harmony, small customers will also bring big sales
3. Equipment selection
the selection of sweet potato processing equipment is mainly strong and durable with high extraction rate. Small ordinary farmers choose a set of equipment integrating cleaning, crushing and separation, which is simple and convenient to choose precipitation, with small investment, and dig out after starch precipitation, There is a planned storage pool for wet storage, and then the noodles are processed (dry before March and April every year, the weather will gradually rise, and the starch will ferment). For the construction of small and medium-sized factories and large factories, an assembly line assembled with separate equipment for crushing and separation must be selected, so that the equipment production link is smaller, the failure rate is reduced, and the starch extraction rate is high, In terms of cleaning, several levels of cleaning shall be selected according to the local soil quality, and different cleaning equipment may be mixed with the soil

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