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Where are the experts who identify the authenticity of antiques in Cixi

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not for the time being,

collection appraisal and sale must go to the regular registration unit in the industry. There is no need to worry about whether the company is formal, because the cost of registering an auction company is less than 15000 yuan, so registration is very convenient. Collectors do not need to worry about whether the company is fake. They need to contact the staff more and participate if the cost and service are acceptable

####### secondly, many collectors think that after participating in the auction, if the collection is not sold, they scold the company as a liar, which is a bad state of mind, because the auction company is like a matchmaker who introduces the object to you. The relationship between the two sides depends on each other. The matchmaker is only responsible for the introduction, not for the transaction, and can not guarantee marriage and children

(if the auction is so easy to get rich, the master who set up the stall in Beijing Panjiayuan antique market will not pay the stall fee. He braved the severe cold and heat and suffered all day. The antique shop has long been closed. The stall owner and antique shop owner can save the rent to participate in the auction. Therefore, the auction can only make some lucky people rich, so we should participate carefully. If it is so easy to get rich, people all over the country will go to the antique business 。)

there are many units dealing in antiques. Before participating, you must ask clearly and feel that it is suitable to participate again. Once the auction is finished, you must be able to accept the reality of cost loss, otherwise it will be too late to regret, because no unit can guarantee that it will be able to conclude a deal for you. If there is a guarantee, you will encounter a liar

secondly, the safest trading method for the collection is to set up a stall to sell it. Although the wind and sun are lucky and bitter, it is a loss of 100 yuan of stall fee every day. If you like to trade in cash immediately, the relative risk is small. If you encounter an irregular auction unit, you have to pay 10000 or 20000 yuan. If you don’t trade, the loss is too large. Secondly, if your family is difficult, try not to participate in the auction

the following is the common sense of collection trading and participating in auction:

please read it carefully to avoid being deceived. I have participated in the auction for seven or eight years, with a total cost of more than 250000. There are blood and tears. The fair and objective answer here is to make more collectors suffer less harm. Amitabha, there is no end to the sea of suffering and make a comeback

a Tibetan friend asked if so and so company is formal

is it a liar? Is it reliable? Any unit is registered and operated according to the law. As for the service quality and charging standard, we have to investigate and measure it ourselves. We must be careful to avoid the harm caused by high charges and non transaction of collections
in particular, companies that boast that they can make a deal belong to companies that cheat 10% of the fees. Secondly, the law stipulates that regular units cannot purchase and resell antiques. Secondly, individual units, in the name of purchasing antiques in cash, let collectors identify first, and the genuine products will be purchased in cash. In fact, they have no buyers. After fooling the collectors to pay the identification fee, they deliberately tell you that the thing is false during the identification, the identification fee will not be refunded, and the deposit will not be refunded

secondly, many salesmen call themselves managers, directors and general manager Wang to deceive collectors every day. In fact, they are ordinary salesmen who pimp and deceive honest people without knowledge. Then they say they can introduce you and attract you to five or six auction companies to pay. After you entrust the payment, the salesmen and the company will share half of your commission fee. Do you think this is a regular company

in addition, photos of more than a dozen well-known experts are posted on the website to deceive collectors, especially a unit in the East Third Ring Road of Beijing. There is a piece of equipment modified from Waste Refrigerators on the website. When cultural relics identification instruments deceive collectors, such units must not go

1. At present, poly, Capitol, Christie’s and Sotheby’s in China do not collect collections, send them in, or set up any office. Some auction salesmen say I can send them in for you, which is a lie
poly, Jiade is an international auction brand, but ordinary people can’t participate. Poly only welcomes collectors who can live in the presidential suite. You can’t achieve this. Therefore, the living level of ordinary collectors is too low to participate, because you can’t afford to pay 3% of the auction fee

2. There is also a kind of collector who deliberately says no deal when it is done. This kind of person can’t see others get rich. Secondly, some collectors have not been selected and deliberately say that the other party’s company is bad

3. The salesmen of auction companies pimp and slander other companies when they can’t get business, resulting in few good units in China

collection auction transaction reference 1:

industry division, antique auction, appraisal and transaction. At present, most units are concentrated in Shanghai, Beijing and Qingdao
collectors must compare and understand more before they participate in it, so as to avoid being cheated. I wish you a fortune

reference 2 for collection auction transaction:

about auction qualification and cultural relics auction qualification, “cultural relics” are the collections recorded and excavated by the state, which are called cultural relics, or the collections purchased from cultural relics stores, which are called cultural relics. The collections in the hands of ordinary people belong to folk art collections, not cultural relics. The collections in the hands of ordinary people can open antique shops, set up stalls and participate in trading freely

some collectors asked if your unit has the qualification for cultural relics auction? This is a question with little knowledge. As long as your collection is not purchased from cultural relics stores, 98% of domestic auction companies and art management companies can auction and trade for you

the qualification of cultural relics auction is a company designated by the state to confiscate assets and non-performing assets and deal with antiques. The collections in the hands of ordinary people have nothing to do with cultural relics. They are sold freely without any qualification. In 2015, in order to encourage the development of the cultural market and ban the obstacles of various qualifications, the state simplified everything. As long as any unit registered with the industry and commerce can have the right to operate the art collection business

collection auction transaction reference 3:

crazy confusion appraisal. About the current chaotic antique appraisal, when an antique is shown to eight experts, it can produce four different results. Each expert has his own point of view, so don’t tangle. If the collection is put on the market and someone buys it, it is the genuine one. Many experts cheat by charging appraisal certificate fees

and machine detection are all manual operations, which mainly cheat the identification fee. Many collectors bought a pile of identification certificates for their collections, but in the end they couldn’t sell them
in view of the crazy chaotic identification market, buyers now believe in their own vision to buy collections. As collectors, as long as they can put their collections in a reliable unit, they will be more than half successful without buying useless certificates

collection auction transaction refe
rence 4:

the risk of auction auction is risky. It is recommended that you participate carefully. The real payment transaction rate of top brand units in recent years is less than 50%, and the overall market is not optimistic. If you have a collection, try to find the owner of the antique city to sell it or set up a stall to dispose of it. The “auction” belongs to the venture capital of the rich and is not suitable for ordinary people to participate

especially for companies that call you every day, your collection is not valuable. It is mainly to collect your atlas fee, identification fee, customs clearance fee, transaction deposit, etc. traps are waiting for you to get into

for domestic regular units, who is wordy with you and who calls you? Individual collectors with low income and financial difficulties, wake up. Millions or tens of millions are not so good dreams

collection auction transaction reference 5: correctly judge and learn market knowledge,

many collectors are angry after being cheated in the auction. At that time, prosecution and rights protection will not work, which will make things worse. Before you participate in the auction, you should make an investigation in March to compare the corporate culture and service characteristics of various companies. Secondly, you should know your weight. You go to the auction to seek money. It is similar to going to the bank to borrow money. You have seen that rich people are inferior to those who do not have money. Many small companies give you five calls a day, which is to deceive you as a psychopath. Good companies do not need to deceive you. They are always full of guests, It’s crowded

collection auction transaction reference 6:

abnormal wealth mentality. Due to the lack of knowledge, family difficulties and ignorance of farmers’ friends, they have no concept of money. Under the temptation of the huge valuation of the auction company, they value the collection of 20 million yuan and pay a service fee of 50000-200000 yuan first. Such farmers think that as long as I collect 200000 yuan and pay the fee, it will be equal to 20 million yuan soon. Therefore, those who have mortgaged real estate sell their production tools, livestock, cattle and sheep, After borrowing from the East and the west, he handed 200000 yuan to the auction company, and then quit his job. The land was also deserted. He was busy booking BMW famous cars. As a result, the auction ended. There was no deal, and 200000 yuan was lost. The deeds of blind participation leading to family destruction and death occurred from time to time

it’s a very simple problem. Many collectors have problems when analyzing. Imagine that if you entrust at least one of the four things, you’ll be a millionaire immediately. If you’re so easy to get rich, you’d better sell 600000 houses, entrust 100 things, and deal at least two things. It’s also cost-effective to get 5 million, right

in poly auctions, there are 7000 items in each collection. Not 40 items are sold for more than ten million, and less than 15% are sold for one million. Is that a liar? If you want to win a deal in antique auctions, you have to participate more. Poly, why didn’t Jiade accept the things of low-end collectors? Because we were happy when the deal was concluded and failed, we called it a liar, so the collectors paid. Some things were not easy to conclude, which led to the collectors being very depressed. It’s also unreasonable to conclude that cheating

collection auction transaction reference 7:

more powerful formal units [such as the formal poly Jiade, which are offices with hundreds of square meters, and the collections are placed in the office and in the display cabinet. Buyers can see as they arrive] in addition, 95% of the small auction units in the industry rent a small office with an actual use area of 60 square meters. After signing the entrustment contract, nearly 1000 collections are stacked in the wet basement, Save in the dark and enlarge for half a year, and then wait until a few days after the auction to take out the collection, go to the small hotel and rent a venue for 5000 or 6000 yuan. If you are anxious to get angry and can’t sell a few pieces in a day or two, it is equivalent to completing the auction. In this way, there is almost no hope of selling things. You must cooperate with powerful large units

collection auction transaction reference 8: what is unreliable auction,

at present, 90% of auction companies frequently deceive mindless people to participate by phone. After collecting 1000 pieces, they begin to prepare for the auction. The whole process of the auction is to rent a venue in the hotel for two days and show 1000 pieces of collection, which is equivalent to two days of pre exhibition. If you observe carefully, go to the people who watch the collection, In addition to dozens of clients wandering around the preview site, almost no buyers came to watch, and the two-day preview ended. On the third day, the auction began. 95% of the people present at the auction venue were collectors’ clients, that is, sellers. In order to cover up collectors, such auction companies paid 100 yuan to hire some unemployed vagrants, old, weak, sick and disabled to act as buyers and raise signs

I have participated in seven auctions. I often see the big buyers of some auction companies who grab milk and bread at noon. I was in a mess. After the auction, I asked secretly. It was hired

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