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Wheat flour machine (medium-sized), how much is it for one set? Where can I buy it? Omnipotent netizens,

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Wheat flour machine (medium-sized), how much is it for one set? Where can I buy it? Almighty netizens, I know, provide this information. Thank you here.

process flow of full-automatic stone mill flour mill raw materials – cleaning impurities – water regulation (wheat soaking or washing) – moistening wheat – grinding and screening – grading – drying – packaging and storage
1. Raw materials: wheat is composed of wheat embryo, endosperm and wheat skin. The percentage of each part by weight is 82 ~ 85% of endosperm, 2 ~ 3% of embryo and 12 ~ 14% of wheat skin. Endosperm contains a large amount of starch and some gluten composed of protein. It is the main raw material for making bread, cakes and other foods. Wheat peel is rich in dietary fiber, which is an essential nutritional element for human body
2. Cleaning: it is mainly used to clean the impurities that affect the flour yield, such as straw, sand dust, stones, damaged wheat, fluff and wild grass seeds, which are usually removed by air screen combined with vibrating screen
3. Water regulation: due to the different water content and physical characteristics of wheat in different varieties and regions, some are dry and hard, and some are wet and soft. After cleaning, the water must be adjusted to reach the optimum water content. The purpose of water regulation: ① make wheat absorb a certain amount of water, and the protein and starch in endosperm will shift due to the different water absorption speed. Make endosperm loose and easy to crush. ② Make the skin absorb water and toughen, and it is not easy to break when grinding. So as not to affect the powder. ③ Make the process stable
4. Moistening wheat: (the wheat after being watered or washed is stored for a period of time as moistening wheat) the wheat after being watered is mainly stored for the purpose of water infiltration into the wheat grains, and at the same time, the water between the wheat grains is uniform, so that the wheat grain cortex and endosperm are easy to be separated and ground, and the wheat peel will not be broken due to the increase of toughness, which will affect the flour, so as to provide a good basis for the whole process The stability and moisture content of the finished product meet the standards. Due to different weather and regions and different wheat varieties, the wheat moistening time is generally 30-48 hours, and the optimum moisture content of the milled wheat of the stone mill flour mill is 13-14.5%. The moistening time and grinding water of hard wheat are generally higher than that of soft grain wheat
5. Grinding and sieving by stone mill
grinding by stone mill is a repeated work that requires grinding and sieving step by step and cycling back and forth. Stone grinding surface is different from modern mechanical grinding surface. The biggest feature of stone mill flour is low-speed and low-temperature grinding, which avoids the high temperature generated by high-speed rotation from damaging the nutrients contained in flour, and retains various nutrients such as protein, gluten, carotene, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1 and B2 in wheat to the greatest extent. The minerals contained in stone mill itself naturally rub with raw materials, Mineral elements and nutrients of raw materials are naturally mixed and integrated. Stone flour retains the original flavor of wheat. All kinds of pasta made with stone flour have flexible taste, strong wheat flavor and higher nutritional value. It is a real natural green healthy food
6. Grading: ground flour can be divided into ordinary stone flour, stone dumpling powder, stone whole wheat flour, etc.
7. Drying: stone flour is ground at a low speed, which has low water consumption and does not add any additives. Therefore, the flour produced needs to be dried to reduce the water content and easy to store
8. Packing: it is better to pack the stone flour in ventilated bags for easy storage
the capacity and configuration of equipment are different, so the cost cannot be discussed in one word.

you can check on the official website or call the manufacturer’s sales department for consultation
you can also find the same brand and model in the online mall. Check it first. The price and parameters are clear at a glance.

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