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What’s the difference between glass bottles and plastic bottles?

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Why is it good to put fruit in a glass bottle?

glass bottles are traditional packaging products, which are characterized by bright and transparent, good chemical stability, airtight and easy to form, but they are heavy and easy to break. 80% – 90% of glass packaging containers are glass bottles and cans. Sodium calcium glass bottles are usually used, with a density of 2.5-2.6g/cm3, high brittleness and low thermal conductivity. The use of metal ion colorant can produce emerald green, dark green, light cyan and amber glass
plastics are polymer synthetic materials with many kinds. Their advantages are: (1) good mechanical properties, light weight, convenient storage and transportation, and easy to carry and use; (2) Permeability resistance, good sealing and high transparency; (3) Good processing performance, can be manufactured into bottles, caps, films, bags and composite packaging materials of various sizes; (4) Good decorative coloring and printing performance.

glass bottle packaging. The effect is better
whether vacuum packaging or pressure packaging. It is not easy to deteriorate
so beer and canned fruit. Use a glass bottle. Plastic bottles don’t work.

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