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What’s the difference between “bottled” and “canned” beer? What’s the difference?

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China’s wine culture has a long history. Wine is indispensable on every family’s table. It doesn’t matter whether you eat well or bad. As long as you have a bottle of good wine, you’ll have a good meal. Drinking has also become an indispensable part of Chinese drinking habits. Drinking can open people’s hearts, make people more relaxed, make the atmosphere of the table more harmonious and the distance between people further. People in different places also have different habits of drinking. Wine quality is personality. From drinking, you can simply judge a person and feel the feelings of people in this place. The difference between the north and the south is obvious. The North drinks heroic, while the South drinks emotional

everything should be measured, especially drinking. At ordinary times, we all like to drink beer when we have parties and barbecues with friends, because its degree is relatively low, which can’t be better to cheer up the dinner table. Moreover, it’s hot. Drinking beer can make your stomach very happy and cool, and can also enhance your appetite

beer is made of malt and water, with hops added and fermented by yeast. Pure natural beer is rich in various nutrients, amino acids and other substances. There are many brands and varieties of beer. So many are always dazzling. Which one is better to choose between bottled and canned beer

1. Beer tastes different

bottled beer is glass bottled wine. This material can well preserve the taste of beer. Because its main component silica will not easily react with other components. In order to preserve the original taste of beer, many businesses are willing to choose bottled beer

the pop can used in canned beer is made of aluminum alloy, which is an active one. It is easy to react with beer and affect the taste

3. The length of shelf life

usually buy home beer, few people will put it in the direct light to expose to the sun, usually in the weak light. Because, with the direct sunlight, the temperature of beer will rise, affecting the shelf life and quality of beer. Beer in cans has better shading and is not easy to damage the quality of beer. In this regard, it is easier to preserve than bottled beer

2. Different oxygen isolation performance

one process in beer production is to add nitrogen for pressure, so as to squeeze out the oxygen in the bottle, so that the beer can be stored for a longer time. At this time, the advantages of the glass bottle will be highlighted, which can discharge oxygen more stably. Therefore, bottled beer has better oxygen isolation and longer storage time

IV, practical and convenient

obviously, the volume of cans is smaller than bottles, the weight is lighter, and it is more convenient to carry, and the glass bottles are bulky. If three or two friends come to drink with you, canned beer is easier to carry

we know that there are two common “bottled” and “filled” beer packages. Qingdao also has bags, which will not be discussed for the time being. The Chinese have been drinking for thousands of years. This wine is one of our most popular. When the company entertains friends, it always needs to drink two glasses of wine to the wedding care atmosphere. Wine includes Baijiu, beer, red wine and various fruit wine. In China, most northern locals love to drink Baijiu because of the cold climate in the north. In summer, when the weather is hot, beer is loved by more people. Especially when baking kebabs, drinking beer really feels good. So, after drinking beer for so many years, do you know the difference between bottled beer and canned beer

when buying beer in daily life, should we choose bottled or canned? Today, Haige will tell you the difference between the two kinds of beer

1. Convenience

in terms of convenience, this kind of canned beer is lighter and smaller than bottled beer, so it is easier to carry, especially when we go out, beer with cans is really very convenient. This kind of bottled beer is large and bulky, and it is likely to be broken when carrying, so it is very inconvenient to carry it out. Therefore, the convenience is absolutely suitable for filling beer

2. Stability

the main material used for bottled beer is glass. The main component of the glass bottle is silica. It is a very stable element. Few substances react with them. Therefore, it is safer to choose glass bottled beer. It can not only prevent various reactions of beer, but also better ensure the taste of beer, so high-quality beer is mainly bottled. Beer cans are metal cans, the main material of which is aluminum alloy. This metal is a very active element and can easily react with it. Therefore, choose canned beer. Some substances in the beer are easy to react with the metal in the can, and the result is that the taste of the beer will become worse

3. Oxygen barrier

whether bottled beer or beer can, it must be pressurized with nitrogen or carbon dioxide to discharge the oxygen in the bottle. This can effectively extend the shelf life of beer. In this process, the glass bottle is more stable than the jar, can withstand the pressure well, and can remove the oxygen in the bottle more cleanly, and the jar has a thin skin. The bearing capacity is much lower than that of bottled beer, so people usually don’t know much about the oxygen release effect of the tank, so the oxygen barrier of bottled beer will be better and the texture of the whole beer will be better

4. Shading

beer needs to be stored in a dark place, otherwise it is easy to deteriorate in the sun. The shading of glass bottles used for bottled beer is obviously not very good. Although glass bottles are now darker, they are not as good as cans. The can itself is opaque, so in terms of preservation, canned beer is indeed better than bottled beer, and the shelf life is longer

there is a big difference between bottled and canned beer. Bottled beer is in glass bottles and canned beer is in cans. And ml is also different. Bottled ml is much more than canned ml.

canned beer is easy to handle, small and not fragile, but the bottled beer is made of glass. The silica in the beer bottle is very stable, which is not easy to react with the substances in the beer, and has good oxygen isolation, which can well maintain the taste of the beer.

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