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What workshops are there in the hot pot seasoning workshop?

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what kind of oil is the red oil in the hot pot bottom made of

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hot pot is one of the most popular delicacies in heavy taste, especially in winter. Hotpot is divided into many flavors, such as spicy, three delicacies, health preservation, etc. hotpot bottom materials are generally divided into three kinds: butter, clear oil (rapeseed oil), mixed oil (butter, rapeseed oil, lard, etc.). In addition to butter, businesses may also add lard, chicken oil, etc. to the bottom materials, which can reduce costs. In addition to animal oil, it also contains a small amount of vegetable oil, such as vegetable oil and salad oil. However, compared with animal oil, the content of vegetable oil is very low, and they are collectively referred to as hot pot bottom. The hot pot bottom material is usually a large piece of red, which is slowly melted in the pot. It is obviously animal oil

the most common hot pot seasoning is red oil. The bottom of butter hot pot is divided into: butter red pot, butter red and white mandarin duck pot, butter tomato mandarin duck pot, clear oil red and white pot, etc. The red oil is boiled with butter and pepper. There are also red oil bottoms made from clear oil. From the reflection that we often eat hot pot, butter red oil bottoms are the most popular

because the butter is thick, fragrant and mellow, especially the boiled meat and vegetables, the butter can be stained on the meat and vegetables, which makes it better to eat. However, butter belongs to animal oil. It is unhealthy to eat too much. Try to eat less. The flavor of the clear oil base is lighter, and it is not easy to get pickled vegetables and boiled meat. Originally, eating hot pot is a heavy taste, which is light and not enjoyable. If you are healthy, it is recommended to eat the bottom of Qingyou hot pot

some people like to eat health preserving hotpot, which is usually made of chicken bone, beef bone, pig bone, fish, plus some health preserving ingredients, such as red dates, medlar, boiled, etc. It tastes delicious and rich in nutrition. I have been in contact with hotpot most this year, and I have eaten dozens of hotpots in nearly a year. Each hotpot has the most butter seasoning, and I like to eat butter and red oil hotpot seasoning, So what kind of oil base you like depends on your taste

friends, what kind of oil hot pot do you like? Welcome to leave a message, cocoa is waiting for you to share!

the hot pot catering industry is booming, and many entrepreneurs choose hot pot when making catering. In recent years, due to the rapid rise of hot pot franchise chain, there are great problems in the production and distribution of hot pot bottom materials of many hot pot brands, such as unstable quality, insufficient productivity, relevant inspection standards, etc; Those who have joined Chongqing hot pot brand know that the essence of joining is to find a hot pot seasoning factory in Chongqing, that is, to make the hot pot flavor of their own hot pot shop changeable on the basis of ensuring authenticity, so as to meet different consumers in more places. Why do they choose Laojiu District

Laojiu District hotpot bottom material factory has many advantages:

1. Price advantage

Laojiu District hotpot bottom material factory directly supplies hotpot physical stores and reduces intermediate costs (hotpot brand company profit and agent profit)

2. Advantages of flavor varieties

generally, there are relatively few flavor types of hot pot brands, that is, several varieties promoted by ourselves; Laojiu District hot pot bottom material factory is a hot pot bottom material production and processing enterprise specializing in customization, R & D, production and OEM processing. There are many kinds of hot pot bottom materials

3. Advantages of productivity

the production capacity of manufacturers of hot pot bottom material factory in Laojiu district is much stronger than that of general hot pot franchise brands

4. Quality stability

the manufacturer of hot pot bottom material factory in Laojiu district must be fully industrialized and mechanized; The stability of quality is much more stable than that of labor

5. Quality and stability of raw materials

the raw materials of professional hotpot bottom material manufacturers are basically fixed procurement, batch procurement and origin procurement; Compared with the raw materials purchased in the wholesale market, it is not difficult to judge whether it is the stability of price or taste

6. Cost advantage

selecting the direct supply channel of Laojiu District hot pot bottom material factory saves the annual management cost and support personnel cost to the company

7. Technical advantages

Laojiu District hot pot bottom material factory is an enterprise specializing in customized production and distribution, with a professional technical R & D team; According to the market demand of opening stores in various regions, we can customize the primer that meets the taste of local people

hotpot seasoning factory selection: Laojiu District hotpot seasoning factory is a large-scale customized production enterprise with a taste R & D team with more than 30 years of experience in food R & D. the company provides chain catering enterprises with R & D, customization, labeling and processing services of hotpot seasoning, pasta seasoning and rice noodle seasoning. It is also a hot pot bottom material production and OEM processing enterprise focusing on customization, production and OEM processing. Therefore, it is not unreasonable for everyone to choose Laojiu district as the hot pot bottom material factory

Product introduction of hot pot bottom material production line

xywb-1 automatic packaging unit is a special model for automatic packaging widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, condiment, hot pot condiment, oil and other industries. The equipment of hotpot bottom material production line condenses the successful technical experience of our company in the automatic packaging industry for many years, absorbs the valuable opinions and suggestions of a large number of users, and constantly improves, updates and mass produces the fully automatic powder material packaging production equipment reaching the domestic advanced level. The machine has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, fast packaging speed, no sealing pollution, anti material filling and drawing drip, beautiful bag shape and so on

the hot pot bottom material production line is divided into oil integrated type and oil separation type. The main equipment includes: oil storage tank, intelligent frying pan, horizontal mixing cylinder, oil separation and packaging machine, inner bag packaging machine, belt conveyor, bag feeding packaging machine, sealing machine, etc. An automatic production line only needs a few employees to operate, realizing the purposes of high efficiency, low energy consumption, food hygiene standards and so on

packaging process flow of unit equipment of hotpot bottom material production line

the materials to be packaged are injected into the hot and cold cylinder (including automatic mixing device) —— the materials are automatically pumped to the high-level mixing cylinder by the long rotor pump (controlled by the material level of the mixing cylinder) ——–Automatic metering and filling according to the set weight ——– automatic bag making and forming of automatic packaging machine of series XY ——– automatic sealing and cutting of automatic packaging machine ——– finished product packaging of series XY is transported to manual packing station through finished product conveyor

technical parameter unit of hotpot bottom material production line

name xywb-1 packaging materials Angelica sinensis, medlar, white Kou, grass fr
uit, longan Red dates and other materials Ingredient packaging speed 40-50 bags /min

bag making style back sealed bag measurement accuracy ± 1% – ± 2% (depending on the material state, the accuracy varies)

The air source is 0.6MPa 0.3-0.6m3/min. The bag making size L = 50-320 w = 50-200. The unit is equipped with electronic weighing machine + counting machine + multi bucket conveyor + xy-420 automatic bag making and packaging machine. Optional equipment weight sorter + automatic feeding machine

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