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What sterilization equipment does the food factory use for sterilization

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depending on where you use it
high pressure steam sterilizers are used for product sterilization
ozone generators, UV lamps, chemical reagents (75% alcohol, chlorine containing disinfectant, etc.) are used for workshop environment sterilization

if food factories sterilize food, vacuum packaging generally uses sterilization pot (sterilization kettle), which is also called secondary sterilization. The sterilization time can be extended to about half a year. Longqiang sterilization pot is used for the sterilization of meat products, canned products and vacuum cooking bag products. Wenzhou Longqiang consulting sterilization pot for free.

use ozone sterilizer. The practical application is as follows

(I) disinfection and sterilization of containers

in food production, pots and pans are used a lot, which are connected with pipes, valves and instruments to form a production unit. For its disinfection, the better traditional method is to soak it in alcohol. The reaction tank and storage tank, the small one and a half tons and the large ten tons and dozens of tons, should be filled with alcohol. The amount of alcohol can be imagined. After disinfection, release the alcohol, but there will be alcohol residue at the roundabout place and the joint of instrument valve. To remove these residual alcohol, blow with nitrogen until it is dried. The consumption of alcohol is large, the disinfection time is long, and the operation process is complex. The same problem exists with high-pressure steam, which is very laborious

now it is much easier to replace it with ozone disinfection technology. The specific method is to directly inject high concentration ozone into the pipeline container and maintain a certain concentration of ozone tail gas, so as to meet the requirements of disinfection and sterilization. Because the inner surface of the pipeline container is disinfected, the ozone concentration is higher, and our design concentration is greater than 50ppm

the advantages of using ozone to disinfect and sterilize pipeline containers are very obvious. The ozone generator can be used in a mobile way to disinfect different tanks. Each production unit can be disinfected in time before each refueling. The use efficiency is very high and convenient. Do not use so much alcohol, nitrogen or high-pressure steam. So it can be promoted in pharmaceutical factories

(II) disinfection and sterilization of the clean area by the central air conditioning purification system

in food factories, generally speaking, the clean area is large, and the central air conditioning purification system is often used to complete the purification and disinfection of each clean area. The traditional disinfection method is fumigation with formaldehyde. As mentioned above, formaldehyde fumigation has many disadvantages. It is a good method to replace it with ozone disinfection. The method is to put the ozone generator directly in the air duct of the air conditioning purification system, which is called the built-in ozone generator. Ozone is sent to each clean area along with the air flow in the air duct to disinfect and sterilize the clean area. The remaining ozone is sucked into the air return outlet and taken away by the central air conditioner. The ozone generator can also be placed outside the air outlet of the central air conditioner, and the ozone can be pumped into the air duct of the central air conditioner, and then sent to each cleaning room, which is called external ozone generator. The installation and maintenance of external ozone generator is convenient, but the manufacturing cost is a little higher. The disinfection effect of the two methods is the same. According to the requirements of the disinfection specification of the Ministry of health, the ozone concentration of air disinfection is 5ppm, but in fact, the disinfection of clean area is not only the disinfection of air, but also the disinfection of object surface. Therefore, our designed concentration is 10ppm. Starting the machine for 1 hour before going to work every day can ensure that the planktonic bacteria and settling bacteria in the clean area can meet the requirements of GMP within one day

according to the test report, with the application of ozone generator, the ozone concentration in each clean area reaches more than 10ppm within 40 minutes, and all bacteria tests are qualified. And qualified every day, completely replacing the headache of formaldehyde fumigation disinfection. At the same time, the non production operation and energy consumption are reduced, and satisfactory results are achieved

(III) disinfection and sterilization of space by Guangzhou Huanwei ozone machine

for clean rooms outside the central air conditioning purification system or other rooms that need sterilization, separate sterilization treatment is required. The method is to select the ozone generator and install it directly in the room. The disinfection time is set according to the needs, and the machine will shut down automatically after disinfection, so it is very convenient to use

for rooms with cleanliness requirements, filters are installed in the machine to make the ozone generator have self-cleaning function. The ozone concentration is designed as 10-20ppm. Select and use according to the size of room space volume. As long as the requirements of ozone concentration are met, the purpose of disinfection and sterilization can be achieved. It’s much easier than fumigating the room with chemical reagents

(IV) surface disinfection and sterilization of articles

in the process of food production, it is often necessary to disinfect the surface of raw materials, tools, instruments and packaging, and often use disinfection cabinets, transfer windows, etc. The traditional method is to disinfect with ultraviolet light. The main problem is that the disinfection is not complete, so it can be used in places with low requirements such as transfer window. But it is far less effective than ozone. Disinfection cabinets made of ozone generators are very popular in food factories. Anything that is not afraid of ozone corrosion can be disinfected in the cabinet. Ozone concentration can be designed higher. More than 100ppm can be obtained

(V) disinfection and sterilization of water

there are many places where food factories use water, including production water, disinfection water, cleaning water and drinking water. According to different water quality requirements, different technological processes are adopted, and the disinfection process can achieve satisfactory results by using the general ozone water treatment method. I won’t go into detail here

II. Application scheme of ozone sterilization in HVAC system

in the production process of food factory, Guangzhou Huanwei ozone generator effectively controls the microorganisms in the clean area of sterile production and clean production. It is necessary to select appropriate disinfection and sterilization agents to kill the miscellaneous bacteria floating on the surface of mechanical equipment, molds, containers and buildings in the air in the clean environment, To maintain the corresponding cleanliness environment (sterile room) necessary for the production of “sterile food”

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