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What kind of wood is usually used in packing cases

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general packaging materials are mainly light and light colored wood, such as pine and fir, and many use poplar plywood or medium and low density fiberboard

wood packing case is one of the oldest packaging containers. The consumption of wood packing in packaging is second only to paper packaging container, and the consumption of wood packing case in developing countries is much larger than that in developed countries. Therefore, wood packing container plays a very important role in packaging container. There are many kinds of wooden packing cases, but in the actual logistics trade, there are three kinds of commonly used wooden packing cases:
1. Ordinary wooden packing cases

ordinary wooden cases, whose contents are limited to less than 200kg. The utility model is composed of a side face, an end face, a bottom and a cover. First install the end face on the side, and then install the bottom and cover on the side and end face

2. Wooden case

wooden case is a medium-sized wooden case. Its internal mass is limited to 200-1500 kg, the sum of length, width and height is limited to 7m, and the width and height are less than 1.5m. It is mainly used for the packaging of Mechanical products and the container loading of small goods. Ordinary wooden cases are mainly based on the end face and side, while sliding wooden cases are mainly based on the base, which can bear greater load than ordinary wooden cases. Therefore, it is suitable for the outer packaging of medium-sized products. Wooden box (type B box). The sliding wooden box is composed of base, side, end face and top cover. First install the side and end face on the base, and then install the top cover on the side and end face the frame wooden box can be divided into class I (inner frame wooden box) according to the structure: the frame member is on the inner side of the box plate, which is suitable for general contents; Class II (outer frame wooden box): the frame structure is on the outside of the box plate, which is suitable for the internal contents that are integral in the length direction and have sufficient rigidity. The basic provisions of its design consider the commonly anticipated circulation conditions such as transportation, loading, unloading and storage.

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