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What kind of souvenirs will be given to the unit at the meeting

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Our unit (Management Committee) should hold a meeting. The leaders require that the souvenirs distributed should be practical, smaller and less than 100 yuan. Please give us some comments ~ what to send?

if the budget is 100, it is recommended to customize the backpack.
as we all know, the purpose of business conference gifts is to strengthen the emotional and business exchanges between relevant units on the occasion of the conference, increase business exchanges, and improve the corporate image and business influence. However, the selection of business conference gifts should highlight the commemoration and pay attention to “courtesy over friendship”, Should not give too expensive gifts, otherwise there is suspicion of bribery. It should also reflect national and local characteristics, be targeted, vary from person to person and from matter to matter, and try to make the conference gifts welcomed by the guests So how do we choose business meeting gifts more appropriate
Guangzhou olandi luggage factory would like to talk about some ideas of our customers, that is, how to choose good conference gifts for customization! First of all, we should know which types of products can not be used as business conference gifts:

1: they are too large and heavy. If you send this type of gift to the guests attending the meeting, it will virtually increase the burden on the other party

2: don’t choose those with low sense of value. If the roadside products with low quality and low price are given to customers, the purpose of the meeting will not be achieved and people will be unhappy, which will affect the quality and effect of the business meeting

3: do not choose those whose quality is not easy to control. For example, some products that are easy to deteriorate and break are best not to choose. Because there must be a lot of gifts in the meeting, there are many people with miscellaneous hands, and it is also easy to fall and touch

after explaining that the above three types of products are not suitable for business conference gifts, then Guangzhou olandi luggage factory will explain what are suitable for business conference gifts:

First: choose gifts with small volume. Choosing this type of gift is easy for customers to carry

Second: gifts with a strong sense of value. Strong sense of value can be divided into two categories. One is that it is a popular product at that time. The retail price in the market is very high, which makes people feel very polite; The other is conventional products, but the quality is very good. Although it is common, choosing brands or high-quality products can also achieve the effect of satisfying the recipient

Third: choose gifts with easy quality control. Even after long-distance transportation, it can ensure good appearance and unchanged internal functions
finally, our idea is that if things are too small, there are not many things to choose, and they are too common. If you choose backpack customization, just all customers need it, and then you can carry it home directly. Some meeting materials can be directly put into the backpack. Of course, you can also choose single shoulder bag according to the budget. This is determined according to the company’s budget.

the souvenirs given by the unit at the meeting must have the characteristics of the enterprise and be able to publicize the corporate culture. Of course, it is best to have a certain advertising effect


conference gifts can generally be selected: USB flash disk, water cup, T-shirt, pillow, power bank, shopping card, key chain, mailing list, etc! As follows:

corporate meeting gifts can be customized with a batch of manual double-sided embroidery ornaments, customized printing, company name or meeting souvenir, which is of great commemorative significance

every family has what it should have. If it is put more, it will lose the significance of souvenirs. It is suggested to buy handicrafts and so on. Sometimes they can show off and satisfy vanity.

go to Taobao to see if there are glass cattle, cruise ships or something. It’s representative and not expensive

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