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What is the reason for the slow response?

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reasons for slow response:
1. Sometimes people who think fast tend to be slow. What I’m talking about here is that they think fast rather than quick. They can’t focus on one thing for a long time. It’s easy to be slow to think more and do less
2. Introverts also have a slow response. People who are lonely and silent all day and don’t laugh will also have a slow response if their brain can’t get exercise
3. People who often stay up late and lack of sleep will have a slow response if their brain can’t rest
4. If you eat improperly, it will also lead to slow response. Long term satiety, eating too much fatty food or not eating breakfast will also lead to slow response
5. People with depression are also slow to respond. They are easily affected by external factors and dare not say or do. They are easy to be slow to respond
ways to overcome slow response:
1. Read more books at ordinary times, practice speaking rich and logical words, activate the functional areas of the brain, and make the brain respond less slowly
2. Go out to exercise more, take part in group activities and change your introverted personality. This is also a good way to overcome slow response
3. Pay attention to your diet, eat more green food, eat properly, don’t overeat and don’t skip breakfast
4. When you are bored, play some puzzle games to exercise your brain and become flexible.

I think there are only two reasons: one is that people are as wise as fools, but most people seem unable to do so; The other is “can’t let go”. The so-called can’t let go refers to failing to do selfless work, afraid of hands and feet, afraid of making mistakes. In fact, what’s terrible about making mistakes, so as to reflect our reality. We say that the greatest happiness in life is truth.

is the human body unresponsive
If yes, the internal reflection arc of human body is too long
the human reflex system is composed of neurons, which are connected by synapses
the transmission speed of excitation on a nerve fiber is faster than that between neurons, so the slow response may be due to many synapses and the slow binding speed of neurotransmitters and receptors, resulting in the slow response
(I’m just a high school student. I’ll answer with my one-sided knowledge ~ ~)

what you describe is negligent forgetting. Maybe your father scolds you, you will feel afraid and have fear. As you said, the reason why your father scolds you is that you forget to put salt, and then your fear will shift to salt. Your consciousness will automatically reject what brings you fear, so it is easier to forget. Communicate well with your father and tell him your difficulties. Don’t let him scold you as soon as he makes a mistake.

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