Home Uncategorized What is the price of bean paste filling machine? The factory has been set up for many years. Before, it was all manual operation. I don’t know whether the equipment investment is large or not?

What is the price of bean paste filling machine? The factory has been set up for many years. Before, it was all manual operation. I don’t know whether the equipment investment is large or not?

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Is the power consumption high? Is the noise loud? Is there any requirement for floor area? Please ask your colleagues or equipment manufacturers who have used the equipment to help answer.

there are tens of thousands of full-automatic Douban sauce filling machines, the output is 50% more than that of manual, and the semi-automatic is about 10000, which is less than that of full-automatic. You can choose the appropriate filling machine according to your needs

1. The unique multi style filling head and suction back system specially designed for no drip and leakage to ensure that the production site and packaged products are not polluted by liquid materials

2. The chili sauce filling machine adopts the full-color touch screen man-machine interface controlled by imported PLC computer to ensure that the capacity adjustment is simple, fast and accurate. It is irreplaceable by any form of pit filling machine

3, filling bottle spacing and bottle height adjustment are convenient.

4 and irrigation pouring liquid are oblique or direct punching, so as to apply different liquid filling, oblique punching for easy foam liquid, and positioning of plugged plug to adapt to different filling high position products; Br>
5. The stainless steel flat conveyor belt driven by planetary cone disc stepless regulator can flexibly coordinate the synchronization of multiple processes

6. Photoelectric tracking, program automatic control, and the use of Omron and other world famous programmable controllers to make the program more flexible

7. The main pneumatic and electrical components are imported accessories to ensure the stability and excellent quality of the system

8. The form of liquid supply can be high-level tank or pump pressure, which greatly improves the production capacity

9. It can be equipped with high-efficiency magnetic induction sealing device, which greatly improves the commodity grade of the product. The unique induction plate and cooling system of transistor sealing device make it safe and efficient with good sealing effect

bean drum packaging machine flavor bean drum filling machine bean drum packaging machine bean paste packaging machine chili sauce filling machine is an advanced pickle filling machine technology. Based on the transformation and innovation, the product has been updated to the third generation (the latest research and development of bean drum packaging machine). The filling machine has the advantages of simple structure, high accuracy and easier operation. It can be directly cleaned with clean water
2. Automatic agitator is equipped to ensure the full mixing of sauce and oil. The filling valve is controlled by pneumatic valve, with higher filling accuracy
3. The machine is equipped with advanced self-monitoring device (chili sauce packaging machine and mushroom sauce packaging machine automatically monitor the amount of materials and add materials automatically.)
4. The filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted
5. Convenient operation. Imported pneumatic components are used for pneumatic parts
6. The parts in contact with chili sauce are made of stainless steel
7. The machine has reasonable design, compact model and vertical structure, saving space. Weight 400kg
technical parameters:
Power: 2kW
power supply: AC380V
filling speed: 40-45 bottles /min (the current positioning of bean drum packaging machine is 80-100 bottles /min)
filling accuracy: ± 1
floor size: 1600 * 1100 * 2200 (mm)
filling capacity: 10-300g
service conditions: three-phase five wire power supply + compressed air + water supply pipeline + drainage channel
(1) the automatic feeder transports materials to the hopper of the feeder
(2) the feeder feeds the material to the material gauge (when there is no material in the bin of the material gauge, the feeder will automatically feed, and when the bin of the material gauge is full, the feeder will automatically stop feeding)
(3) the material is measured by the material meter and then sent to the filling device for filling
(4) the bottle conveying device conveys the filled bottles to the capping machine to complete the whole packaging process
equipment features
1. PLC program automatic control and LCD touch screen operation are simple and intuitive
2. Made of 304 stainless steel, it is waterproof, antirust and anticorrosive, which can ensure food safety and prolong the service life of the equipment
3. Modular design, diversified structure and function
4. Parametric adjustment, strong site adaptability and simple operation
5. Small floor area, light weight and space saving
6. Waterproof design, which can be properly washed during cleaning
7. The equipment is simple in structure and easy to maintain
8 Filling with bottle or no filling without bottle; With counting function, it can accurately display the current output and previous shift output
automatic feeding machine:
1. The company is original, self-developed and designed, and is specially used for feeding pickles with oil and water
2. The action is controlled by program, which can automatically alarm according to the data collected by the sensor and supplement raw materials to the automatic measuring machine
3. Power consumption parameters: AC380V 0.2KW
4. Floor area size: it is installed on the automatic metering machine and basically does not occupy the production site
5. Automatic seasoning supply device:
6. It is original and self-developed and designed by our company, which is very convenient to use and adjust
7. Program control, which is synchronized with the host during operation
8. Precise dose setting
9. Power: compressed air
10. Floor area size: it is installed on the automatic metering machine, Do not occupy the production site

bean drum packaging machine flavor bean drum filling machine bean paste packaging machine adopts 6-head filling, one-time blanking, 80-100 bottles per minute. The effect is good, which can completely ensure the integrity of Dougu particles. Bean drum packing machine is the latest developed equipment, which can fill chili sauce, bean drum sauce, chili sauce and bean paste.

choose semi-automatic or full-automatic bean paste filling machine according to the production capacity of your factory. The production efficiency of full-automatic is relatively higher than that of semi-automatic. However, the price of automatic bean paste filling machine is also more expensive than that of semi-automatic. Generally, a set of equipment is about tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. You can go to spark packaging machinery to have a look. There are many kinds of bean paste filling machines, and the noise is not very loud. You can choose the appropriate one for the floor area.

I’m from Zhongshan Kede mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. we mainly produce semi-automatic filling machines and full-automatic filling machines. If you don’t want to invest too much, you can choose pneumatic semi-automatic filling machine, single head or double head, which is much cheaper than full-automatic filling machine.

see which processes need to be automated, such as filling, capping and labeling; Unpacking, packing and sealing; Purchase equipment according to production output
semi automatic equipment is recommended for the production capacity of less than 20 bottles per minute; The power consumption of semi-automatic equipment is 220V, basically no noise, and there is no requirement for floor area; The price is cheap
fully automatic equipment is a bit of a substitute for labor, with high efficiency, good packaging effect and relatively high cost.

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