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What is the material of vacuum packing bag?

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vacuum plastic bags are made of polyethylene and polypropylene

polyethylene is also commonly used to make vacuum plastic packaging materials. It has strong flexibility and waterproof, but low transparency, stable chemical properties and non-toxic. It is commonly used to make heat seal and moisture-proof layer of composite plastic packaging. It has good gas, oil and fragrance retention properties


Pet /PE or PET /CPP

there are also three or four layers. In order to increase the texture and performance of the material,
Pet /PA /PE
Pet /Al /CPP
Pet /PA0 /Al /CPP
among them, PE is suitable for low temperature and CPP is suitable for high temperature cooking

vacuum packaging materials have two-layer composite and three-layer composite. There are many common two-layer composite, depending on the product. Vacuum packaging materials are divided into PET /PE, PA /PE, PA /CPP. PET composite can also be vacuumized, but it is easy to leak. Pet is relatively brittle. PA /PE vacuumizing performance is good. It can withstand boiling sterilization within 100 ℃ and freezing at low temperature around minus 30 ℃. PA /CPP is a vacuum cooking bag, which can withstand high temperature cooking within 120 ℃ and low temperature freezing around minus 30 ℃. According to different products installed by customers, the materials selected are also different, which can be customized according to customer requirements.

vacuum packaging is a general term for flexible packaging composite film products. If the temperature used is different, there will be many divisions: some need sterilization below 100 degrees, some need sterilization at 100 degrees, and others need sterilization at 121 degrees and 135 degrees. Of course, there are also normal temperature ones. The possible sterilization method under normal temperature conditions is irradiation sterilization. And we should also consider the characteristics and weight of the packaged content to determine the rational use of packaging materials. There is no invariable, and the best is appropriate.

generally composite materials, which can be composed of two materials or three, depending on the needs.

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