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What is the gas in the bread package?

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Hello, landlord. Generally speaking, there is nitrogen in the food package, because the cost is relatively cheap ~ the principle is that it is relatively stable and not easy to react with oxygen Usually the lamp is filled with inert gas ~ the principle is the same ~ hope to adopt, thank you~~

nitrogen is usually a colorless and tasteless gas, and generally nitrogen has a lower density than air. Nitrogen accounts for 78.08% of the total atmosphere and is one of the main components of air. Under standard atmospheric pressure, when nitrogen is cooled to minus 195.8 ℃, it becomes colorless liquid. When it is cooled to minus 209.8 ℃, liquid nitrogen becomes snow like solid. The chemical properties of nitrogen are not active. It is difficult to react with other substances at room temperature, so it is often used to make preservatives and add them to food.

nitrogen or carbon dioxide can be extinguished by burning wood strips. The first two can be distinguished by magnesium strips. Carbon dioxide with black substances



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