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What is the fresh milk machine used for

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fresh milk machine is used to process fresh milk, that is, bus milk

the sterilization methods of milk mainly include pasteurization, pasteurization at low temperature for a long time, pasteurization at high temperature for a short time, ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization and secondary sterilization. The sterilization method we choose is pasteurization. Pasteurized milk has the advantages that it can not only kill all pathogenic bacteria, but also better preserve the nutrition and natural flavor of milk. The disadvantage is that there are still some heat-resistant bacteria after sterilization, so it is required to be stored at a temperature of about 4 ℃ and can only be stored for 2 ~ 7 days
the technological process of pasteurized dairy products: acceptance of raw milk → filtration and purification → standardization → homogenization → sterilization → cooling → filling → inspection → refrigeration
the main equipment required for pasteurizing dairy products by pasteurization method are: milk purifier, pasteurizer, buffer tank and packaging machine.

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