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What is the difference between corrugated paper and box board paper?

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the differences between corrugated paper and box board paper are:

1. Different classification: domestic box board paper is divided into three grades: excellent product, first-class product and qualified product. Corrugated paper is generally divided into single corrugated board and double corrugated board. According to the size of corrugated, it is divided into five types: A, B, C, e and F

2. Different uses: the purpose of box board paper is mainly to make corrugated boxes after bonding with corrugated paper core, which are used to pack household appliances, daily necessities, needle cotton fabrics, cultural goods, external packaging of Chinese and Western patent medicines, etc. Type a corrugated and type B corrugated are generally used as transportation outer packing boxes, and beer boxes are generally made of B corrugated

E-shaped corrugated is mostly used as a single packing box with certain aesthetic requirements and appropriate weight contents. F-shaped corrugated and G-shaped corrugated are collectively referred to as micro corrugated. It is an extremely thin corrugated, which is used as a disposable packaging container for hamburgers, cream filled pastries and other foods, or as the packaging of micro electric products such as digital cameras, portable music centers and refrigerated commodities

3. Different requirements: the requirements of the carton board on the carton board are that it should have certain compressive strength, tenacity and burst resistance, tear resistance, flat paper surface, and no pulp bumps, knots and uneven appearance paper diseases. The requirement of corrugated paper is to be pressed into corrugated shape in the production process. After making corrugated board, it will provide the elasticity and flat compression strength of the board, and affect the vertical compression strength and other properties

for corrugated paper, the paper surface shall be flat and the thickness shall be consistent, and there shall be no paper diseases such as wrinkles, cracks and holes, otherwise it will increase the breakage fault in the production process and affect the product quality


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corrugated board is made into corrugated box by die cutting, indentation, nailing or gluing. Corrugated box is one of the most widely used packaging products, and its consumption has always been the first of all kinds of packaging products. According to the type of ridge: A, C, B, e and their combinations, such as AB ridge, BC ridge, BBC ridge, etc. Now there are finer corrugated f in the market
classified by the number of layers of base paper: two-layer paperboard, three-layer paperboard, four-layer paperboard, five-layer paperboard, seven layer paperboard, etc
classified by ridge shape: U shape, V shape and UV shape; UV shape is now commonly used in the market
corrugated board is made of face paper, lining paper, core paper and corrugated paper processed into corrugated wave by bonding. According to the demand of commodity packaging, corrugated board can be processed into single-sided corrugated board, three-layer corrugated board, five layer, seven layer and eleven layer corrugated board. The corrugated board with different corrugated shapes has different functions. Even if the same quality of face paper and lining paper are used, the performance of corrugated board is different due to the difference of corrugated shape. At present, there are four kinds of corrugation shapes commonly used in the world, which are A-type corrugation, C-type corrugation, B-type corrugation and E-type corrugation. Their technical indicators and requirements are shown in Table 1. Corrugated board made of A-type corrugated board has good cushioning and certain elasticity, and C-type corrugated board is less than A-type corrugated board. But the stiffness and impact resistance are better than those of A-type corrugated; B-type corrugated board has large arrangement density, flat surface and high bearing pressure, which is suitable for printing; Because the E-shaped ridge is thin and dense, it shows its stiffness and strength. The difference between container and non container mainly lies in the outer diameter, which is closely related to the type of corrugated.

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