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What is the design concept of Coca Cola packaging?

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Coca Cola’s glass bottle is well known all over the world for its beautiful curve shape

Coca Cola, or coke, is a kind of soft drinks containing caffeine produced by the Coca Cola company, which is translated into “Coca Cola” in Chinese. The beverage has a special flavor, which comes from Cola seed in the raw material

Coca Cola was translated as “tadpole gnawing wax” in China in the early stage, but it was later renamed “Coca Cola” due to poor sales. Coca Cola is in a leading position in markets all over the world. Its sales volume far exceeds that of its main competitor Pepsi Cola and is listed in the Guinness world record

Coca Cola aims to meet consumers’ needs for water replenishment through high-quality products that consumers can trust. According to the needs of each individual, strive to provide customized drinks for each lifestyle, age group and specific occasions

Coca Cola is a global enterprise, but Coca Cola is rooted in every community it operates. Through diversified community projects aimed at developing economy, improving living standards and creating opportunities, we are committed to promoting the sustainable development of local communities

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