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What is nitrogen filling and fresh-keeping? What are the benefits to human body

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put the food into the packaging bag, draw out the air in the packaging bag to reach the predetermined vacuum, then fill in nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, ethylene and other gases, and then complete the sealing process

it is suitable for various packaging of various plastic composite films and plastic aluminum foil composite films. It is used for vacuum packaging or vacuum nitrogen filling packaging of liquid, semi fluid, solid granular, powder and paste food, fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, flowers, chemicals, precious medicinal materials, precious calligraphy and paintings, electronic components and various moth proof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, mildew proof and oxidation proof articles

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the purpose of reducing respiratory intensity as much as possible can be achieved by reducing the oxygen content necessary for respiration in the environment and low-temperature storage, so that fruits and vegetables can better maintain their original natural texture, flavor and nutrition in a longer storage period

some people used 0.0329mm low-density ethylene plastic film curtain to seal and wrap litchi. After that, vacuum it first, then fill it with n Ω and store it at 5 ℃. The results showed that after 40 days storage, the good fruit rate was 70%, and the sugar content decreased by only 4.2%. As a control, the samples placed in the 5 ℃ freezer without any treatment have lost their commodity value within 13 days

according to the test, at the beginning of storage, the concentration of O Ω in the account is between 13% – 15%, during storage, the concentration of O Ω is between 8% – 10%, and the concentration of CO Ω is maintained at about 3%

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nitrogen is an inert gas, which can isolate oxygen. Combined with carbon dioxide, oxygen can keep fresh and fresh food materials with good quality. It is now a relatively environmentally friendly way to keep fresh. A small amount of nitrogen is harmless to the body

nitrogen filling is to isolate oxygen as much as possible, prevent microbial reproduction and deterioration in food, and play a role in keeping fresh. Nitrogen in the air is much more than oxygen. People inhale a lot of nitrogen every day, which does no harm to the human body.

nitrogen is relatively inactive, which can inhibit the respiration of food and keep it fresh. Of course, it’s better to eat fresh

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