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What is flexible packaging?

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What does flexible packaging include and how many printing methods does it have?

flexible packaging refers to the packaging whose container shape can change after filling or taking out the contents. All kinds of bags, boxes, covers and packages made of paper, aluminum foil, fiber, plastic film and their composites are soft packaging

process classification
1) dry coating organic solvent adhesive composite soft bag

pictures of various flexible packaging samples (20)

2) wet coated inorganic adhesive composite flexible packaging
3) extruded film lamination composite package
4) multi layer coextrusion (through more than two extrusion heads) composite soft bag
5) hot melt coating composite soft package
6) solvent free (i.e. solid adhesive) composite soft bag
7) physical vapor deposition composite soft package
8) mixing type composite soft bag
9) the above methods combine composite soft packs, etc

material classification
1) paper and paper
2) paper and metal foil
3) paper and plastic film
4) plastic film and plastic film
5) plastic film and metal foil
6) plastic film and metal film
7) plastic film and base material
8) plastic film and inorganic compound film
9) plastic film and organic compound film
10) amorphous plastic film and plastic film
11) composite of substrate and nano ultrafine particles
12) special additives for substrate coating or impregnation
13) multilayer composite of composite materials, etc

function classification
1) enhanced composite packaging
2) high impermeability composite packaging (gas, water and oil)
3) anti corrosion (anti-corrosion and anti rust) composite packaging
4) anti electromagnetic (dry worry) composite packaging
5) antistatic composite packaging
6) biological composite packaging (fruit heating, fish keeping alive, insect and mildew prevention)
7) fresh-keeping composite packaging (for fruits, vegetables and meat products)
8) composite packaging for cooking (such as cooking, microwave baking, etc.)
9) intelligent composite packaging
10) ultra micro nano composite packaging
5. Classification by application: ordinary, boiled and steamed. Ordinary packaging refers to putting the contents into the packaging at room temperature; Boiling packaging usually requires that the packaging material be resistant to boiling at 99 ℃ for 30 minutes; Cooking is divided into 121 degrees and 135 degrees
⒍ according to the printing method: surface printing, internal printing is not combined, and internal printing is combined. Surface printing refers to printing ink on the outer surface of the package; Inner printing means that the pattern is printed on the inner side of the package, which may be in contact with the packaged object; Inner printing means that the outer layer of composite packaging adopts inner printing.

flexible packaging is the general name of plastic bags, such as woven bags, environmental protection bags, vacuum cooking bags, vest bags, high bottom pressure handbags, etc. /anyway, most of the packaging made of film is called flexible packaging.

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