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What is extruded food?

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What’s the difference between fried puffed food and fried puffed food?

due to different uses and equipment, there are three types of puffed food: first, use extrusion puffer to produce small food with corn and potato as raw materials; The second is to use extrusion extruder to produce tissue protein food (plant meat) with plant protein as raw material; The third is to take grains, beans or potatoes as raw materials and make them into staple food after expansion. In addition to the trial production of indirect heating puffer, a variety of puffed foods are also made from refined grain puffing powder

extruded food is made of Cereals, potatoes or beans as the main raw materials, extruded by an extruder and expanded by using the pressure difference inside and outside the extruder under high temperature and high pressure

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