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What is cereal made of

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How is it extracted from wheat?

is a food processed from wheat

I. according to raw materials, there are mainly the following four kinds:

oatmeal, buckwheat, barley and wheat

1. Naked oats are generally used for processing oatmeal

2. There are two strains of buckwheat: sweet buckwheat and bitter buckwheat, and the latter is better after processing cereal

3. Naked barley (highland barley) is mostly used for processing barley

4. Hard white wheat should be selected for processing wheat flakes. The protein content of hard wheat is 2-3% higher than that of soft wheat

at present, China has cultivated black, purple, green, coffee and blue colorful wheat. The physiological functional properties of these new varieties are much better than ordinary wheat, and the processed cereals have attractive color and good taste. Therefore, colorful wheat is a good raw material for processing cereals. Rye is different from the above black wheat germplasm. The cereal processed with rye has the effects of health care, nourishing and beauty, similar to black rice

II. Processing:

cereals are divided into raw cereals and cooked cereals according to their processing technology and product characteristics

1. Raw cereals

cereals are made into cereals after cleaning, shelling, peeling, conditioning and softening, roll pressing, cooling and dehumidification, commonly known as rolled cereals

it can be mixed with staple grains (rice or other cereals, miscellaneous beans) and boiled with cereal rice (porridge). Raw cereal is also available in fruit porridge and Babao porridge

2. Cooked cereals

refers to the wheat grains after moderate peeling, which are subject to different ripening treatments to make their tissue structure show α Unified cereal

there are four main processing technologies, including steam curing, roll pressing, puffing, rotary cutting, milling, slurry mixing, drum drying, modulation and granulation

cooked cereal is a fast food. It can be eaten after being mixed with hot water or hot milk, soybean milk, coconut milk or fruit juice. In the process of cereal processing, amino acids, vitamins and mineral elements can be added, and functional cereal can be successfully processed after mixing with base materials rich in a variety of physiologically active components

extended data

(I). Purchase instructions

(1). Carefully observe the raw materials of cereal, you will find that they can be roughly divided into two categories:

one part takes wheat, rice and corn as the main grain, and the other part takes oatmeal as the main grain. The nutritional value of the former is generally lower than that of oatmeal, so oatmeal should be selected as the raw material as far as possible

(2). Most cereal packaging bags are marked with nutritional composition table, including various indicators such as heat, protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber. Special attention should be paid to the amount of various nutrients contained in every 100g of cereal

for every 100g of cereal, the caloric content should preferably float up and down at 1400 kJ, the carbohydrate content should be controlled at about 65-70%, the soluble dietary fiber should be about 6mg (for some finely processed cereals, the dietary fiber content is often less than 4G), and the protein content should be about 10%. Such oatmeal has less nutritional loss and is more balanced

(II) eating attention

many elderly people are eating calcium tablets, but if they eat cereal for breakfast, don’t worry about taking calcium tablets after breakfast. It’s best to delay taking calcium tablets until at least after lunch. This is because the cellulose in wheat bran and other foods will be synthesized with calcium into calcium oxalate which is difficult to be absorbed by the human body, resulting in calcium being difficult to be absorbed by the human body

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – cereal

it is a kind of food processed from wheat

it is made by pressing the shelled wheat particles directly. I also like it very much

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