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What is a packing box? Introduction to packing box materials and uses

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packing box refers to the folding carton or micro corrugated carton made of cardboard and micro corrugated cardboard.
The material of the packing box can be divided into two categories: one is face paper and the other is pit paper. Usually, the commonly used wrapping paper includes gray copper, single copper, white copper, gorgeous card, silver card, gold card, white gold card, laser card, etc.
“White board with white background” refers to white copper and single copper. What white copper and single copper have in common is that both sides are white. The difference is: “white copper” is smooth on one side and not smooth on the other. Generally speaking, it can be printed on the front and not on the back; Both sides of “single copper” are coated with cloth, and both sides can be printed. “Gray bottom gray board”, there is this kind of paper, but it is not used on the packing box; “White board with gray background” is the so-called “gray copper paper”, that is, the front is white and can be printed, while the back is gray and can not be printed. General white card is also known as “white board with white background” paper, which is the abbreviation of general quotation (except for special white cards, such as platinum card and silver card).
The packing box is generally used as a mid-range packaging method, which is between the inner packaging and the outer packaging. The packing box and color box are generally composed of several colors, which gives people a strong visual sense and enables buyers and users to have a certain understanding of the overall appearance, color and other details of the goods. It is especially suitable for goods that cannot be unpacked before purchase. At present, it has been widely used in industries such as electronics, beverages, food, alcohol, medicine, tea, cigarettes, health products, cosmetics, bags, small household appliances, clothing, toys, sporting goods and product packaging supporting industries. It is an indispensable industry.
Packing box materials can be divided into: ① powder gray paper, one side is white and one side is gray, the price is low, and both sides of double powder paper are white, the price is high. ② The material of the color box is determined according to the shape and size of the product.

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