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What if the down jacket is wrinkled?

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I bought a down jacket online, but it’s a little wrinkled. What should I do?

the new down jacket has wrinkles due to transportation and other processes. If you want to effectively remove the wrinkles on the down jacket, you can take the down jacket out of the packaging bag directly. Then use a larger hanger to open the down jacket, and then dry the down jacket outside. After drying for a few days, the surface of the down jacket can be restored to flatness

the new down jacket is usually cleaned. You can directly put the down jacket into the water and rinse it. Then don’t twist the down jacket too dry. Hang the down jacket directly outside. The fold of the down jacket will be leveled by the gravity of the water contained in the down jacket

extended data:

down jacket maintenance method

use neutral detergent to clean down jacket. Do not use strong detergent, bleach and clothing softener. Soak it for a short time before cleaning. Gently brush the collar, cuffs and other dirty parts with a soft brush. Down jacket can be washed by machine. Pull all zippers and fasten the lap before washing

washing machine chooses warm water and mild mode. Do not use the dry cleaning function. Strong centrifugal force will damage down down fabric or lining, thoroughly wash detergent and soap foam. Excessive frequent washing will damage the thermal insulation medium of down jacket. Therefore, please reduce the washing times as much as possible on the premise of keeping clean

1. Do not wring it out

after the down jacket is washed, do not wring it out. Squeeze out the water, lay it flat or hang it up to dry. Do not expose it to the sun or iron it to avoid scalding the clothes. After drying, you can pat it gently to make the down jacket fluffy and soft

if the down jacket is not too dirty, it can be dry cleaned. Use a towel dipped in gasoline to gently wipe the collar, cuffs, front, etc. after the oil stain is removed, wipe the gasoline stained part with a dry towel, and then wear it after the gasoline volatilizes

2. Drying

the down jacket is suitable for drying in a ventilated and dry environment to avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight. Ultraviolet rays will damage the surface. You can use a dryer with large capacity. Keep drying at a low temperature and the down jacket has enough turning space. After drying, continue to shake the down jacket and gently pat the down gathering place to make the down fully stretch, Put it into the wardrobe and restore it to its original state

3. Storage

for daily storage, please choose a dry and cool environment as far as possible, and make sure that the down jacket is clean. Some brands of down jacket will give compression bags with the jacket, but it is recommended to use them only for temporary use and cannot be stored in compression bags. Long term compression will make the down or thermal insulation layer lose elasticity, thus reducing the thermal insulation performance. If they are not used for a long time, It is suggested to tidy up the down jacket once a time to make it fully stretch and air dry

the secret is that you spray some water on your down jacket and then take a blower. Flatten and blow at the same time. If it is uneven, blow with some water. It’ll be better.

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