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What good manufacturers can provide carton packaging?

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Which manufacturers are better, can provide cartons and packaging boxes, and the design aesthetics is also more popular.

go online to search for cartons: Baidu, changchangle and Alibaba can all find carton manufacturers. First look at whether the picture of the carton factory is appropriate. If appropriate, ask the other party to provide samples to see how the real object is.

I know that the famous one in the production industry is Hangzhou color packaging. I have been engaged in the carton packaging industry for many years. The selection of cartons is not only in the packaging design of cartons, but also in the production process of cartons. Cartons need to be processed. If you want to produce more comprehensive cartons, you also need to use printing machines, laminating machines, bronzing machines, box mounting machines, etc, This line is to or technology, I suggest you investigate more!

for cosmetic packaging, you can find global printing

& nbsp; Xi’an Global Printing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 and successfully listed in 2016. The company’s main products are folding cartons, as well as high-quality boxes, micro tile color boxes, instructions, corrugated boxes and other products. It mainly supplies drugs, cosmetics, health products and consumer products. The company is a leading enterprise in the field of drug packaging and provides customers with overall service solutions for related businesses

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