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What gifts are cost-effective for conference activities?

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first, if the gift is in line with the theme of the meeting, it will give people the feeling that it is icing on the cake. In this way, maybe even if the participants don’t pay much attention to the scene and content of the meeting during the meeting, they will remember the meeting when they suddenly pick up the gift of the meeting one day, so this is ours; The gift is meaningful

Second, it is in line with the characteristics of the meeting site

here I remember the last meeting we held. The location of the meeting is very unique. It is a company that carries forward traditional culture and integrates calligraphy and painting, piano and chess and tea ceremony. The gift prepared in the meeting activity is directly selected to the hall, which not only makes the participants remember the meeting, but also this unique place

III. with local characteristics

in fact, this is mainly aimed at non local Conference teams. Generally, Conference teams from outside the province are very curious about many cultures in Sichuan, especially pandas and Sichuan Opera, so we can prepare some souvenirs with these themes or elements, This not only shows our intentions, but also greatly meets the needs of customers

IV. there is no doubt that small gifts with commemorative value and high cost performance

have commemorative value, but if they can achieve high cost performance, not every enterprise can complete them. Many enterprises ignore the price in order to pursue the value of gifts, and overemphasize the price and fail to achieve the expected value, So how to find cost-effective gifts

v. portability

previously, we have always emphasized the preparation of small gifts, which is not about value. The most important thing is to be easy to carry, especially for remote customers. If they are asked to carry a large item to catch a car and a plane, I think they will resolutely refuse your kindness. Therefore, when we choose objects of equal value, we can actually choose small and lightweight objects.

meeting activities are generally gifts, cups, thermos cups and scarves. Such simple little things, but if the quality is good, it will also be very expensive.

to say that the gifts with high cost performance belong to Yihan Bian Embroidery, double-sided embroidery ornaments and scroll paintings made by pure manual embroidery. They are all made by pure manual needle and line embroidery. The packaging is exquisite, and the patterns and company logo can be customized. They have very cultural characteristics and good moral meaning. The conference gifts are very suitable

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, the purpose of the conference ceremony I is to strengthen the emotional exchanges with each other on the occasion of the conference, increase business exchanges, and improve the corporate image and business influence. However, the selection of conference gifts should have prominent commemorative gifts, “ceremony is less important than friendship”, reflect national and local characteristics, and be targeted to make the conference gifts welcomed by the guests as much as possible So how do we choose meeting gifts more appropriate
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