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What equipment is needed to build a juice factory?

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generally speaking, the fruit juice beverage production line is to make fresh fruit orange juice into a beverage, which is packaged with plastic bottles, glass bottles or cans and sold to the beverage market. Making fruit juice drinks is not as simple as making pure water and mineral water. First of all, we need to know what type of fruit it is, what kind of technological process is used to extract juice, crushing and pressing juice, or cooking and beating pulp. Different types of fruits, such as apple, mango, kiwi fruit, yellow peach and hawthorn, have different pre-treatment processes. In general, the whole fruit juice beverage filling line is similar, including purified water purification system, fresh fruit juice extraction system, batching, filtration, homogenization, degassing and sterilization system, beverage filling and capping system, bottle pouring sterilization system, secondary spray sterilization cooling system, bottle surface drying system, labeling system, code spraying system, packaging system, pipeline cleaning system after daily production, etc. The same fruit is also divided into turbid juice and clear juice, and the beverage processing technology is also very different. Making clear juice requires enzymatic hydrolysis and clarification, and the process is quite complex. Therefore, before making fruit juice drinks, we need to determine the type of fruit, determine its juice extraction method, and then determine the production process of the whole fruit juice production line. Of course, a large part of the production of original fruit juice drinks is due to the rich fruit resources in the local area. Many beverage manufacturers also directly buy the original juice and mix it back for packaging, which is much simpler than starting with fresh fruit. Below, I will give a detailed explanation of the fruit juice beverage filling production line in glass bottles. A complete automatic glass bottle juice beverage production line consists of water treatment equipment, sugar melting pot, batching tank, duplex filter, homogenizer, vacuum degassing machine, sterilizer, heat preservation tank, CIP cleaning system, empty bottle conveying, three in one hot filling equipment, automatic capping machine, on-line bottle cap disinfection equipment, finished product conveying, bottle pouring sterilizer, spray sterilization cooling equipment, strong drying machine, code spraying machine, labeling machine Carton packing machine. According to different users and different actual situations, our company can provide a complete set of fruit juice beverage production line, which can be distinguished according to the production speed. For example, the following grades can be selected by beverage manufacturers, including small 2000 bottles /hour, 4000 bottles /hour, 6000 bottles /hour, 10000 bottles /hour, 15000 bottles /hour, 20000 bottles /hour, 25000 bottles /hour – 36000 bottles /hour

when it comes to the taste of fruit juice drinks produced, it is very important to use purified water as ingredients, and the taste should be better. The source water for producing purified water can be taken from tap water, groundwater or lake water. Through water treatment processes, purified water can be produced, which is completely water molecules. A complete set of purified water production system is configured in sequence as follows: pretreatment section: raw water tank, booster pump, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, ion softener and precision filter; core treatment equipment: RO reverse osmosis; sterilization equipment: ultraviolet sterilizer

the juice beverage is prepared by mixing the juice slurry, and the sugar melting pot is used to melt the white granulated sugar and adjust the sweetness of the beverage. The main ingredients are completed in the mixing tank. Two batching pots need to be configured, one for batching and the other for feeding. Ingredients such as flavors and other ingredients are added to adjust the taste, acidity, sweetness and color of the beverage. The duplex filter adopts filter screen to remove some impurities in the batching process and make the beverage taste more delicate. The homogenizer generally adopts the pressure of 25MPa to shear the fruit juice beverage through high pressure to prevent the precipitation of materials. Then, the juice material is entered into the vacuum deoxidizer, and the oxygen content of the juice is minimized. Under the action of pressure difference, the foam produced in the juice automatically disappears, and the shelf life is also increased. Then enter the sterilization machine for sterilization, and control the sterilization temperature and time. Generally, the discharge temperature is about 90 degrees. Store fruit juice drinks in insulated cans for hot filling. It should be noted that the sugar melting pot, batching tank and insulation tank are three-layer sandwich pots, which are heated by steam, and the electric heating method is also OK, but the cost will be very high. It is recommended to configure a small boiler for steam heating

in the fruit juice beverage production line, the glass bottle fruit juice beverage filling machine has the same appearance and function as the plastic bottle fruit juice filling machine, including three functions: flushing, hot filling and capping. However, the delivery methods are different. The glass bottle is delivered by dragging the bottom of the bottle, and the plastic bottle is delivered by clamping the bottle mouth. The glass bottle needs to be washed with hot water to avoid bottle explosion during hot filling. It mainly depends on the local climate and temperature. Especially in winter, when the temperature is very low, it must be pre washed with warm water. The washing water used is finished purified water. The hot filling of the glass bottle is also a structure with a slight negative pressure. The bottle mouth is in close contact with the sealing washer under the filling valve. When the filling valve mouth is opened, the fruit juice beverage at about 85 degrees will flow into the bottle by itself with its own gravity. At the same time, the vacuum return pipe on the filling valve is also pumping air to make the exhaust in the bottle faster, which will also speed up the filling speed. For the so-called hot filling, the juice filling machine itself does not have heating function, but a temperature control detector is installed in the material liquid cylinder. For example, set a temperature value of 85 degrees. As long as the material temperature in the liquid cylinder is always 85 degrees, it will operate normally. Once the material temperature is detected to be lower than 85 degrees, the juice three in one filling machine will stop working immediately, and all juice materials in the liquid cylinder will pass through the vacuum reflux tank, It is pumped into the reflux filling, and then sent to the sterilizer for sterilization and filling again. The purpose is to ensure that the fruit juice beverage is filled at 85 degrees to avoid breeding bacteria and affecting the shelf life of the beverage. The lids of glass bottles of fruit juice drinks are now commonly used, such as three screw lids and four screw lids. There will be some problems if the ordinary screw lids are used. If the cover belt is not in place

fruit juice drinks have high requirements on the production environment, the lid before screw lids also needs sterilization. The automatic capping machine transfers the cover to the on-line sterilization tunnel for sterilization, washing and drying in turn, then enters the cover slide, and then enters the capping machine for capping operation. The finished fruit juice beverage after sealing is output with the conveyor line and immediately enters the bottle pouring sterilization device. The bottle is placed upside down at 90 degrees. The temperature of the fruit juice beverage is used to sterilize the inside of the lid for 15-30s, so as to prevent the bacteria inside the lid from entering the inside of the beverage and breeding bacteria

according to
different types of drinks, the juice beverage production line also needs secondary sterilization treatment before cooling the drinks. This is a spray sterilization and cooling equipment, which mainly carries out secondary pasteurization on the finished juice drinks, with a temperature of about 80 degrees and a sterilization time of 30 minutes from left to right, so as to achieve the secondary sterilization effect, and then enter the cooling process immediately. It should be noted that the juice material is in a high temperature state for a long time, which will affect the taste and color of the beverage. Because it is a glass bottle, it should be cooled in sections. It cannot be washed directly with cold water, otherwise the bottle will burst. First use 60 degrees warm water, then 40 degrees warm water, and then 20 degrees warm water. The purpose is to reduce the temperature of the beverage to normal temperature

after spraying, the glass bottle beverage also needs to carry out a series of packaging processes. The bottle body needs to be blown dry for code spraying, labeling and packing. At present, the more advanced inkjet printer is laser inkjet. Compared with ink inkjet, its consumables are low, there is no need to add ink, the coding effect is clearer, there will be no nozzle blockage, and the service life is longer, but the equipment cost is slightly higher. The optical fiber laser is used to output the laser. The optical fiber laser marking machine has high electro-optic conversion efficiency and is cooled by air cooling. The whole machine has small volume, good output beam quality, high reliability, ultra long operation life and energy saving

in the fruit juice beverage production line, high-grade glass bottled drinks generally adopt self-adhesive labeling, but the labeling methods are different, including single-sided labeling, multi-faceted labeling, positioning labeling, etc. Working principle of labeling machine: the sensor detects the passing of the product and sends back the signal to the labeling control system. After the signal is processed by PLC, the label is sent out at an appropriate time and attached to the set position of the product. The product flows through the labeling device, the label is covered firmly, and the attaching action of a label is completed

carton packaging machine is a common shape packaging for high-end fruit juice drinks. It is a higher grade than PE film packaging, but the equipment cost and packaging material cost are a little higher. We generally use one-piece carton packing machine, that is, the kind of glue sealing. There are also packaging equipment with unpacking, packing and tape sealing. The equipment cost is lower, the floor area is larger, and the visual effect of packaging is slightly lower. If the output is small, you can choose to pack it manually and seal it with tape sealing machine

briefly describe the technological process of fruit juice production: Fruit – → grading and weighing – → fruit pond – → hydraulic conveying – → cleaning – → picking – → spraying – → crushing – → enzyme treatment – → juice pressing – → pasteurization – → degumming – → ultrafiltration – → evaporation and concentration – → pasteurization – → aseptic filling. The main equipment of fruit juice production is mainly composed of three parts: 1. Juicing, 2. Degumming + ultrafiltration, 3. Concentration. The key equipment in fruit juice production is juicing equipment. The so-called juicing is the process of pushing an object (extrusion surface) to squeeze the liquid and gas substances in the mixture composed of solid, liquid and gas substances out of a limited space (extrusion chamber). If the extrusion equipment is reasonable, only gas and liquid substances can be extruded out of the extrusion chamber, while solid substances can still remain in the extrusion chamber. The factors affecting the juice yield are as follows: 1. Extrusion pressure: within a certain pressure range, the juice yield is directly proportional to the extrusion pressure. But this range is critical. 2. The crushing degree of fruit pulp mud 3. The thickness of extrusion layer 4. Pre drainage of juice 5. The juice extraction rate is affected by the presence or absence of additives, up to 11.7%. Comparison of various juicing equipment: intermittent: Chamber juicer, wrapped juicer, continuous: screw juicer, belt juicer. 1. Screw juicer is widely used in China with simple structure, few faults and high production efficiency. But the juice yield is low, mostly 40-60%, turbidity & gt; 3%。 2. Belt juicer, continuous operation, high efficiency, suitable for large-scale production. The juice yield is high, about 78%. Belt juicer is the most advanced juicing equipment for juice production at home and abroad. Because there are more turbidity in the primary juice, which affects the concentration of the juice and the quality of the final product, it is necessary to purify the primary juice. Various separation and ultrafiltration equipment are mainly used, and clarification treatment is carried out in the separation, so as to improve the separation factor and efficiency. Concentration is to evaporate most of the water in the purified fruit juice under a high vacuum and a temperature of 60-65 ℃, reduce the volume to about 1 /6 of the original volume, and increase the content of soluble solids from about 12% to 72%. Convenient for transportation and storage. At present, the price of various concentrated fruit juices in the domestic market is generally about 10000-12000 yuan. above

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