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What equipment and costs do you need to make a fresh milk bar?

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our shop specializes in producing and selling pasteurizer, yogurt machine, refrigeration console, vertical display cabinet, milkshake machine, electric fryer, oven, and other special supporting equipment for fresh milk bar, and teaches the application technology of fresh milk bar products free of charge: sterilized milk, solid sour grandma, liquid yogurt, milkshake, milk tea, hamburger, French fries, egg tart, etc
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Hello, the main equipment is pasteurizer, yogurt machine, refrigeration console and disinfection cabinet. This is the basic equipment. If you only sell milk products, you can. There is also a full set of equipment, including ice cream machine, milkshake machine, electric fryer, oven, sausage roaster, popcorn machine and other equipment. You can produce some simple vegetarian food, like a small KFC. It is recommended to have a full set, because the equipment behind is not expensive, but the profit is not small at all. There are two articles on Baidu “fresh milk bar” which are introduced in detail, one is “fresh milk bar must read” and the other is “how to open a shop”. I hope it will help you. I wish you success!!!!

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