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What does the packaging project do

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business training objective this major trains senior engineering and technical talents who have the ability of packaging system design and management, and can engage in packaging system design, quality inspection, technical management and scientific research in commodity production and circulation departments, packaging enterprises, scientific research institutions, foreign trade, commodity inspection and other departments. Business training requires students of this major to mainly learn the basic theory of packaging, packaging design principles and methods, packaging materials, packaging printing, packaging testing, packaging art design, packaging equipment and other basic knowledge of protecting products, facilitating circulation and promoting sales. Main disciplines: packaging materials, packaging technology, packaging structure design, packaging and printing machinery design foundation, food packaging and other main courses: polymer physics and chemistry, engineering mechanics, Fundamentals of mechanical design, packaging materials, logistics and transportation packaging design, packaging container structure design and manufacturing, introduction to printing, printing principle and technology, introduction to packaging, packaging technology Main practical teaching links such as packaging structure design: including metalworking practice, microcomputer application and operation, packaging CAD practice, test technology experiment, course design, production practice, graduation practice and graduation design (Thesis). Institution: Qingdao University of science and technology, Jiangnan University, Hunan University of technology, Xi’an University of technology, Beijing Forestry University, Tianjin University of science and technology, Beijing Printing College, Zhongbei University (formerly Huabei Institute of Technology) Nanjing Institute of engineering, Hubei University of technology, Anhui Agricultural University, Southwest University, Chongqing University of technology and technology, Xihua University, Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and technology, Shaanxi University of science and technology, Tianjin business school, Dalian University of technology, Harbin University of Commerce, Shanghai University, Jiangsu University of technology, Fuzhou University, Nanchang University, Zhengzhou University, Wuhan University, Wuhan Institute of technology, Guangdong University of technology, Southwest Agricultural University, Henan University of science and technology, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Henan Institute of Technology Beijing University of Chemical Technology Jilin University Beihua University Wuhan University of technology Hebei Agricultural University Hebei University of technology Northeast Forestry University Nanjing Forestry University Zhejiang University of technology Zhejiang Institute of science and technology Shandong University Kunming University of Technology Xi’an Institute of technology Northwest University of agriculture and forestry Gansu University of Technology Shenyang Agricultural University Jiamusi University South China Agricultural University Southwest Forestry College Yanshan University Foreign Universities Schengen state University Wisconsin Stewart University romson University Clemson University

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