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What does “best” mean?

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“outstanding” means a beautiful and outstanding person. It also refers to excellent people in a certain field

“outstanding” pronunciation: [Ji] ǎ o ji ǎ o zh ě】

from later Han Dynasty biography of Liu Penzi by Fan Ye of the Southern Dynasty, Song Dynasty: “Qing said that the clank in the iron is the best servant.”

antonym: mediocre generation

sentence making:

in the 1950s, fan haha and others sorted out the meaning of Sanmao students, which changed the disadvantages of gimmicks, paid attention to the ideological depth of the script and the characterization of the character’s character, and the combination of comedy and drama was better. Therefore, it did not open a new face and became a leader in self-made plays, which was made into a film

she stood up straight, 1.67 meters. Her figure was the best among her companions. Fang Jia said she was just right to be an actress

according to Chinese students, many Japanese friends in Hiroshima are learning Chinese and Mandarin. Mr. Watanabe is the best at this level (only one year)

advanced technology and perfect after-sales service make it a leader in the world’s solid waste treatment and recycling industry

HaiYan’s new work “Jade Guanyin”, once published last year, deeply moved readers with the unique twists and turns of Haiyan’s works, euphemistic stories, endless suspense, unpredictable characters’ fate and the lyrical, romantic and touching love of the characters in the play, and became the best-selling novels in the country at that time

an outstanding person refers to a person with outstanding talent.

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