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What details should be paid attention to when designing the packing box

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there are a lot of details to pay attention to when designing the packing box
1. Size. We must determine the size of each packing box before design. When determining the size of the box, we need to look at the material used in the later stage of printing, that is, the paper thickness of the box. Most of them are corrugated and non corrugated. Those with corrugated generally use e-tile. The general paper without corrugated is thicker. Therefore, before the design, it is necessary to determine the thickness of the paper, so as to scale the size. Do not design the size. Because the paper is behind, the final items cannot be loaded
2. The packaging box is also a printing category, so we need to design and typeset in vector software
3. If the shape of the box is special, we must draw the knife lines and group all the knife lines together, because the printing factory makes the knife mold according to your knife lines
4. When designing packaging, after the knife line is drawn, we usually print it out 1:1. Simply fold a box to see whether the size structure between the box cover and ears is reasonable
5. The packing box is also printed matter, so the pictures and graphics we use should be in CMYK color mode. The clarity of the picture must be higher than 300 points, otherwise the finished product may be blurred
6. Generally, the following contents will appear in the packaging box (the picture of the commodity, the brand and trademark of the commodity, the name of the commodity, a general introduction to the use of the commodity, the bar code of the commodity, and the general introduction of the manufacturer)
these are the basic precautions in packaging design. I hope they can help you.

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