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What container is better for flour

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can be stored in a clean and closed container or in a sealed plastic bag. Using the sealed box can isolate the effect of oxygen and isolate the flour from the air, so that the flour will not be affected by moisture and caking

after flour is packed in sealed boxes and sealed plastic bags, it shall be stored in a cool and ventilated place. The storage environment shall be clean and tidy to reduce the breeding of pests. Note that flour cannot be stored in wet or direct sunlight

if the storage environment is very humid, the flour will absorb the moisture of the surrounding environment, and the greater the moisture content of the flour, it is easy to agglomerate. If the flour is agglomerated, heated and moldy, such flour has been affected by moisture and deterioration and is not suitable for consumption

extended data

1. When saving flour, the flour must be placed in a sealed bottle. If the flour is exposed in the air, the insects in the air will run into the flour, resulting in long insects in the flour

2. After putting the flour into the sealed bottle, the sealed bottle must be stored in a cool and ventilated place. If the sealed bottle is placed in a place with too high temperature, it will lead to the denaturation of the protein in the flour and affect the taste of the flour

3. When scooping the flour in the bottle every time, be sure to keep the utensils clean. If the utensils are not clean, it will also lead to the mildew of the flour

4. Low gluten, medium gluten and high gluten flour can be preserved by this method. Low gluten flour is suitable for cake, medium gluten flour is suitable for steamed bread and noodles, and high gluten flour is suitable for bread and dumpling skin

containers that can be used to hold flour:

1. Sealed woven bags

2. Food grade sealed plastic boxes, glass cans, etc

3. Ceramic pots are not easy to get damp

4. Cloth bag for the inner layer and plastic bag for the outer layer

5. Thick cotton bags are not easy to spread powder

note: flour should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not in a humid and muggy place. Prevent moisture or insects.

it is usually a sealed moisture-proof small pipe. My family usually uses mineral water buckets and biscuit boxes

it’s OK not to use it

in a ceramic jar, it won’t change taste or produce insects


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