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What changes will the unattended system of cement enterprises bring to cement enterprises

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take “intelligent management and control” as the theme and expand e-commerce in the cement industry; Information construction of diversified development; Automation Expert System; Discuss key issues such as advanced automation control, and help enterprises realize the comprehensive integration of cement production and operation information and achieve the goal of intensive, perfect and efficient management through the sharing of experience in the two modernizations construction of benchmark cement enterprises, so as to promote the overall improvement of the comprehensive quality of enterprises and help the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

in terms of benefits,
1. It can realize unattended weighing, reduce the workload of employees, reduce staffing and reduce the cost of the enterprise
2. The unattended weighing system relies on the electronic prompt of the system in the weighing process, and the driver can complete the weighing by himself. The efficiency of cement weighing can be improved
3. It is convenient for the management of the enterprise. The general unattended weighing system of cement can be connected with the financial system of the enterprise The connection of ERP system eliminates the possible errors in the information transmission process and solves the timeliness
4. It can prevent loopholes and reduce the loss of enterprises
5. It can be operated on the mobile phone. It will be easier for the management to obtain data information and make decisions. It will not delay work due to business travel
the above is answered by the technicians of HengAn weighing software. I know the unattended system very well and can find me if necessary

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