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What can the product packaging be divided into according to the material? Say at least four and give examples?

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1. Plastic packaging materials are still gradually replacing traditional packaging materials such as paper and glass. They are one of the most important packaging materials in food packaging, such as salt packaging
2. Metal packaging materials and containers are made of metal sheet or foil and then processed into various forms of containers to package food. Because metal packaging materials have high-quality characteristics such as light shielding, high barrier, high and low temperature resistance, earthquake resistance, fall resistance and recyclability, they are more and more widely used in food packaging and become one of the four most important packaging materials in modern times, such as canned lunch meat packaging
3. Glass packaging materials have the high-quality characteristics of high sealing, high transparency, corrosion resistance and easy molding, but the glass container is heavy and easy to break. It is this performance disadvantage that affects its use and development in food packaging, especially by the impact of plastic and composite packaging materials. However, due to the unique and irreplaceable high-quality characteristics of glass materials, glass materials are still widely used in food packaging, such as beer packaging
4. Paper and paper packaging containers occupy a very important position, accounting for 40% ~ 50% of the total packaging materials. Compared with other materials, it has a series of unique advantages: good processing performance, excellent printing performance, certain mechanical properties, easy compound processing, good line performance, good health and safety, wide sources of raw materials, diverse varieties, low cost, easy to form mass production, light weight of paper packaging containers, good cushioning, wide application, recyclable waste and no white pollution, For example, the outer packaging of TV sets.

white paper — ordinary white paper, wrinkled paper, copy paper, medical paper
bubble wrap /poly fleece /sponge /pearl cotton
carton — white box, brown box, color box
plastic bag: PE Pp.opp, PVC, PVA, shrink film
other packaging, etc.

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