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What can granule packing machine pack?

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Specific types of packaging materials

the granule packing machine can pack granule and powder materials, such as traditional Chinese medicine granules, medlar, tea, nuts, Cereals, hardware and electronics, small parts, salt, flour, white granulated sugar, traditional Chinese medicine powder, etc.

generally uniform small particle products, if the particle size varies greatly, the packaging error will be large

particle packaging machine, blanking and metering, can be equipped with measuring cup, and can choose electronic linear scale, rotary scale or multi head combined scale. The electronic linear scale is suitable for measuring and packaging with a single maximum diameter of no more than 25mm; The measuring cup is suitable for product packaging with uniform particles and little difference in product types and volumes; Turntable scale, suitable for small weight packaging; The application range of multi head combination scale is wide. Not only products of various shapes can be measured and packaged by the packaging machine, but also powder can be weighed and packaged, and the accuracy is relatively the highest

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