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What books does the learning materials clerk need to buy?

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I want to learn about building materials (industrial and civil construction). Do you have a knowledgeable introduction of what books to buy to learn? In addition to the inspection materials, I also need a series of books and so on

you don’t need to buy any books. There are no professional books. Only the implementation guide of local construction quality acceptance data. If you really want to do a good job of civil engineering materials, the best way is on the construction site
go deep into it; Customer service is boring. It’s best to have someone take it at the beginning to adapt to the monotony at the beginning. You can also study by yourself
after you get familiar with it, you will explore it slowly. The data is very simple and not difficult. The most important thing is to be familiar with the drawings and know each process
the documenter must first be familiar with the drawings,
be familiar with the construction process and process standards
be familiar with the construction technology, construction acceptance specifications,
the national standard acceptance specifications for civil engineering materials. There are nine divisional works, but now there are ten energy-saving divisions,
the national standard acceptance specifications for construction engineering is divided into nine divisions. Excluding energy saving division. According to the acceptance regulations of Tianjin, the energy conservation division is divided into 10 divisions
foundation and foundation, main structure, roof, decoration, water supply and drainage, heating, electrical, intelligent, ventilation and air conditioning and elevator. (national standard)
foundation and foundation, main structure, roof, decoration, water supply and drainage heating, electrical, intelligent, ventilation and air conditioning, elevator, energy saving (Tianjin landmark)
each division has several sub items, and then several inspection batches are divided according to the parts of the sub items
data starts from the inspection lot. At the same time, all incoming materials shall be submitted for inspection at the same time, and the incoming materials with retest requirements shall be sampled and retested every time
inspection lot, sub item and sub item. Until unit works
the inspection application data includes: commencement report, construction organization design, application for inspection of mobilized materials, sampling and retest of mobilized materials, and retest report
application for inspection by project location: production and installation inspection lot, itemized acceptance, divisional acceptance and unit project completion acceptance
construction management data: construction organization design: management personnel, machinery, labor force and construction period arrangement
construction technical data: joint review of drawings. Design change, engineering visa, etc
construction material acceptance data:
construction material test and inspection data:
construction measurement data:
construction record data:
formation; Quality control data. Safety and function test data. Visual acceptance data
it includes bidding documents, supervision documents, construction documents, project negotiation and change, project visa, as built drawings and completion acceptance documents in the preparation stage of the construction unit, which are collectively referred to as construction project data
professional software and gb-2001 unified form are available, which shall be filled in according to the unified data form and the specification requirements. It’s not hard
it’s better not to use software for beginners
practice more. Be on the front line. Only at the construction site. To figure out what to do? How to do it well.

if you are self-taught, you don’t need to buy any books. You can download some local specifications, one-stop for documenters, data filling specifications or examples online. But personally, I still suggest to find a master to take it with you, because you may not do it even after reading the book, because there are many things on the scene that will not be told to you in the book.

1 all in one for documenters
2 Training materials on the inner page
3 Introduction to building materials
4 Documenter’s manual
5 Building Code
6 building construction
7 Architectural map reading
8 examples of data filling
these are some basic data books for documenters. If you want to learn about data, you can learn from my data group

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